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Bruce Willis’ Family Reportedly ‘Soaking up Every Moment’ With Him Amid His Dementia Battle

A new report claims the famous family is rallying around Bruce as he confronts his ongoing battle with FTD.

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Bruce Willis
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The family of Bruce Willis is reportedly closer than ever amid his battle with frontotemporal dementia. “Bruce has good days and bad days, but in the last two months, there are many more bad days than good,” a source told Us Weekly for a December 6 report. “This experience has brought the whole family even closer together. No one knows how much time Bruce has left, so they’re soaking up every moment they get with him.”

The Die Hard actor, 68, shares grown daughters Rumer, 35, Scout, 32, and Tallulah, 29. with ex-wife Demi Moore, and younger daughters Mabel, 11, and Evelyn, 9, with wife Emma Heming. The family announced Bruce’s retirement from acting in March of 2022 due to aphasia. In February of 2023, the Fifth Element star was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

A second source told Us Weekly that the entire family, including Demi, is living with the beloved actor amid the serious condition. “They’re all there all the time,” the insider told the outlet. “Once Bruce was diagnosed, everyone came together to keep his memory of the family intact and to be there as a constant reminder [that they] love him. [Everything] revolves around him.” The first source remarked, “Bruce has around-the-clock care, but at least one family member is always with him.”

The second source also divulged that Bruce’s eldest daughter, Rumer, and his 8-month-old granddaughter, Louetta, spend lots of time with him. “Rumer wants to make sure Louetta knows [Bruce],” they explained. “She wants him to be actively involved in Louetta’s life. It’s a very special bond.”

The second source also admitted that the Moonlighting actor’s condition is sadly “declining,” but noted that he’s in “good hands” with his supportive family. “He is declining, but he’s in great hands and has his family and close friends supporting him,” they reportedly stated. “Plus, the health care he receives is impeccable.”

They also noted that Bruce “is still mostly there and present when he’s mentally and physically able.”