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Britney Spears’ Dad Reportedly Has Leg Amputated After Getting a ‘Terrible Infection’

Jamie Spears, 71, lost his leg following 'multiple unsuccessful surgeries' to treat an infection in his knee, according to a new report.

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Jamie Spears
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Britney Spears‘ dad, Jamie Spears, had his leg amputated in November, according to a December 5 report from Page Six. A source told the outlet that Jamie, 71, lost his leg following “multiple unsuccessful surgeries” to treat a “terrible infection” that developed from his knee replacement. The insider, who was allegedly from Britney’s hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, claimed that the amputation was “a last resort.”

Sources told TMZ that Jamie “had five unsuccessful surgeries” after his infection left him in the hospital “for weeks.” They said that Jamie’s doctors “decided the only way to proceed” was to amputate his leg. Amidst Jamie’s health issues, TMZ‘s sources noted that the dad-of-three wants to reconcile with Britney, 42, who is in the process of making amends with her mother, Lynne Spears.

“There’s nothing he’d rather have than a reconciliation with his daughter, and harbors no ill will,” the insiders said about Jamie.

Jamie Spears
Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears (Photo: Shutterstock)

News broke in early October that Jamie had been hospitalized after falling “severely ill.”  He was, according to Page Six, “suffering with a bad infection” that was so serious it “required surgery.” The outlet also claimed he was “hospitalized for weeks in a special infectious disease facility.” On October 6, PEOPLE reported that Jamie was out of the hospital and was “now in an infectious disease outpatient facility and is on the mend.” He was spotted out and about near his home in Louisiana later that day.

Jamie’s health journey has been rocky since 2018, when he suffered a ruptured colon and had to stay in the hospital for nearly a month. According to The Blast, he was again admitted for treatment for the ruptured colon in March of 2019. In August of 2023, it was reported that he’d undergone surgery for knee issues, after which he got an infection that has put his life in grave danger ever since.

As fans know, Britney fell out with her father because of the drama over him controlling her 13-year conservatorship. When Britney went to court to end the conservatorship in 2021, she slammed her dad for “conservatorship abuse.” However, Jamie has defended his decisions as a father and even claimed in an interview with the Daily Mail last year that the court order is the only reason Britney is alive today.