Travis Kelce’s Sister-in-Law Kylie Kelce Subtly Supports Taylor Swift After Disputing Feud Rumors

The singer's fans noticed the wife of Jason Kelce took action on social media to seemingly confirm she's on her side.

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Taylor Swift
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Kylie Kelce seemed to subtly stick up for Taylor Swift, 33, on social media this week. The sister-in-law of Travis Kelce reportedly “liked” a post from the Today Show about the singer’s publicist, Tree Paine, recently speaking out against celebrity gossip site DeuxMoi for spreading “fabricated lies” involving a former marriage between her and her now ex Joe Alwyn. Fans immediately took notice and praised her for her action.

“Kylie publicly supporting Taylor (and tree) by liking this is such queen behavior,” one fan wrote in a tweet on Twitter. “reason 917282819 that WE LOVE KYLIE KELCE,” another wrote, while a third shared, “kylie really be out here supporting taylor publicly you love to see it.”

Kylie liked the post about Taylor, who has been dating her brother-in-law Travis since around the summer, only a week after she spoke out against a rumored feud with Taylor. She took to TikTok to share a screenshot of an article that claimed she was trying to “avoid” the “Midnight Rain” crooner after she said being in the spotlight was not her “cup of tea.” She went on camera to explain the meaning behind her words and debunk any reported issues.

“Go watch that video. I said it’s not my cup of tea to have attention on me,” Kylie said in the clip. “I didn’t say that. That seems like a stretch to me. You’re reaching!” She also showed a separate headline that alleged Kylie and another Philadelphia Eagles player’s wife were at odds. “And while I’m at it, ‘fellow Eagles wife mocks?’ You see this woman right here? Will protect her at all costs,” she said before ending the video by calling the headlines “nonsense.”



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Kylie’s original comments about not liking attention were made during an interview with Spectrum News.  “It’s not particularly my cup of tea to be in the spotlight or in front of a camera,” she explained to the outlet at the time. “I was a communications major in college. I love to be behind it. That’s my bread and butter. … At the end of the day, if it creates opportunities like this where we can leverage my network and figure out how to impact a community that has been so, so kind to the entire Kelce family, I am so happy to be able to give back to Kansas City in this way.”