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Travis Kelce Hilariously Admits He Tried To Delete Old Tweets Before They Went Viral

The pro football player and his brother, Jason Kelce, shared some laughs when they re-visited some of Travis' old tweets during the November 22 episode of their 'New Heights' podcast.

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Travis Kelce Says He Tried To Delete Old Tweets Before They Went Viral
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Travis Kelce, 34, certainly knows how to poke fun at himself! The Kansas City Chiefs tight end and his brother, Jason Kelce, 36, took to their New Heights podcast on November 22 to discuss Travis’ old Twitter habits and share some laughs. Before they re-visited some of Travis’ old posts, the 34-year-old admitted that he has been working to get them “deleted” since he joined the NFL. “I will say that I’ve been trying to get all those tweets deleted,” he explained.

Taylor Swift‘s new boyfriend went on to explain that now his old tweets have gone viral despite his efforts. “Like, since I’ve gotten to the league, I’ve been like, ‘Gosh, I want all those things to get deleted,’” he continued. “And sure enough, it came to surface level and everybody f****** dove into 2011.” The recent WSJ. Magazine cover model went on to joke about the year that fans have been diving into. “What a f****** year that was,” Travis quipped.

Jason, who plays for the the Philadelphia Eagles, then went on to provide some reassurance to his younger sibling. “I think we all have tweets that we would love to have deleted,” he joked. When the 36-year-old asked Travis what he thinks looking back at those tweets today, the NFL star was quick to explain that his posts were candid. “I was just using Twitter as, like, a diary,” Travis chuckled. “I’m just out here saying nonsense.”

Soon after the podcast episode dropped, many of the show’s listeners took to the official Instagram for the show to react to Travis’ tweets. “Jason never lets us down with the investigative journalism,” one fan joked, while another added, “Ok but to be fair that’s how all our twitters and face books looked in 2009 haha.” Meanwhile, a third admirer couldn’t help but praise Travis for taking the trip down memory lane. “Travis owns his s***. I love it and this podcast,” they penned.

Despite some of the positive remarks, Travis has also come under fire for some of his older Twitter posts. Joy Behar, 81, read some of Travis’ older tweets on a recent episode of The View and expressed her opinion to viewers. “Here’s one of his tweets, ‘Damn, the Clippers girls gotta be the girls that don’t make the Lakers team ’cause they was all ugly,’” she read on November 16. The talk show host went on to call Travis’ remarks “disparaging” and even called him an “idiot.” Joy also cited being a Swiftie as her reason to being anti-Travis. “I’m a Swiftie,” she added. “I love her because she’s getting young people out to vote so I don’t want her to be stuck with this idiot.”