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Is Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ About Harry Styles? Everything We Know About the Inspiration Behind Her Album

Taylor Swift is about to release the re-recording of her 2014 pop album, '1989', which many Swifties believe is about her relationship with Harry Styles.

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Taylor Swift, 33, is notorious for releasing music about her romantic relationships— and her die-hard fans believe 1989 is no exception. Taylor came out with her beloved pop album in 2014, following her brief relationship with Harry Styles, 29. The “Swifties” think the songs from 1989 are coded with references to Harry. On October 26, Taylor is releasing 1989: Taylor’s Version and there’s already speculation that Harry will appear on the re-recording of the album that’s long been rumored to be about him. Fingers crossed!

So, is Taylor’s fifth album really about Harry? Here’s everything you need to know about the inspiration behind 1989.

Is Taylor Swift’s Album 1989 About Harry Styles?

As always, Taylor does not confirm who her songs are about. However, there are plenty of hints that point to Harry being her main muse for the 1989 album. The two dated from 2012 until the very beginning of 2013. 1989 came out on October 27, 2014, which reinforces the fan speculation that Taylor wrote all her songs from the pop album during and after the romance. One of the most obvious references is “Style,” which is a literal play on Harry’s last name.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift performing on New Year’s Eve 2014 (Photo: John Angelillo/UPI/Shutterstock)

Other songs from 1989 that are rumored to be about Harry include “I Know Places” and “Out Of The Woods.” Both tracks tell a similar tale about a relationship that seems like it could be doomed from the start. However, the song’s subjects are willing to fight the scrutiny to try to make it work, even if they know it will end badly. That sure sounds like Taylor and Harry, who were subject to extreme media attention during the less than one year that they were together. “Out Of The Woods” even makes direct references to Harry’s “paper airplane” necklace and the stitches he got on his forehead after a snowmobiling accident when they were together.

In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor said that “I Wish You Would” is about an ex who bought a house close to her. When they were dating, Harry bought a mansion in Los Angeles that was just a few minutes away from Taylor. “Wonderland” also includes a reference to Harry when Taylor sings about “green eyes” and “Cheshire” which is where he’s from in England.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles dated Taylor Swift for less than a year (Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Will Harry Styles Be on 1989: Taylor’s Version?

We hope so! Taylor has not revealed any of the featured singers on 1989: Taylor’s Version yet, so it’s possible Harry’s involvement is revealed on release day. Fans want Harry to appear on “Style” (Taylor’s Version)”, or really any of the songs or vault tracks on the re-recording. Taylor and Harry are friendly now so it wouldn’t be weird if they collaborated. It’s also not unprecedented for Taylor to reunite with an ex for work: she recruited Taylor Lautner to appear in the music video for “I Can See You” from Speak Now: Taylor’s Version

 How Long Did Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Date?

Taylor and Harry were in a relationship for less than a year from 2012 to 2013. They met at the 2012 Kid’s Choice Awards and during the time they were together they went on a date in Central Park, celebrated her 23rd birthday in England, and went skiing in Park City, Utah for Christmas. They broke up in January 2013 after taking a New Year’s vacation to the Caribbean. A source told PEOPLE that neither Taylor or Harry were taking their relationship “seriously” when they were together.

Almost a decade after their split, Taylor and Harry reunited at the 2021 Grammy Awards where they had a friendly encounter. They reunited again two years later at the 2023 Grammy Awards.