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Kanye West Reveals He Has ‘Signs of Autism’ From Car Accident, in Released Text Messages to Elon Musk

The rapper reportedly also denied being bipolar when discussing his 2002 accident to the Tesla CEO, who banned him from Twitter last year.

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Kanye West, 46, apparently told Elon Musk, 52, he thinks he’s autistic and not bipolar, in newly released text messages. A screenshot of the alleged text messages sent to the Tesla CEO was posted by the rapper’s friend and stylist, Ian Conner’s Instagram account, at the request of him.

“When are we going to speak. You owe me nothing,” Kanye wrote in a text, allegedly sent to Elon. “You never have to speak to me again. But if we do speak The nature of the relationship has to change I’m not bipolar I have signs of autism from my [2002] car accident.”

Kanye then seemed to mention his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and the four children they share. “You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me. And not say anything publicly and then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform,” some of the messages read.

The messages were posted to Ian’s Instagram after Kanye apparently asked him to “get this out to the public.” Ian captioned the post with, “2:25 a.m,” and received a lot of comments full of opinions about the text message exchange.

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Kanye was banned from Twitter by Elon last year after making antisemitic comments. (Shutterstock)

Kanye’s alleged text messages to Elon come after the Twitter-turned-X CEO banned the “Jesus Walks” creator from the social media platform last year for making antisemitic comments. They also come after Kim claimed that her then husband was bipolar and supposed to be on medication in 2019. She also said that he at one point, he believed he was just sleep deprived, but accepting the diagnosis later on had given him a sense of purpose.

“For him, being on medication is not really an option, because it just changes who he is,” she told Vogue at the time.

Kanye, himself, has also spoken publicly about being bipolar. He explained that his mental state “drives more of how he feels” and expressed the importance of speaking more about mental health and therapy in general, during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2018.