Britney Spears Claims Her Two Sons Would ‘Ditch’ Her on Christmas and ‘Return’ the Gifts She Got Them

The 'Toxic' singer also admitted to 'crying' and wanting to see her sons more and getting 'no response' in an emotional Instagram post.

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Image Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Britney Spears made the heartbreaking claim that her sonsSean and Jaydenwould “ditch” her Christmas dinner to go to the mall and return their presents in an Instagram post on Thursday, October 12. She posted a comedy video by influencer Emily May of herself and her husband acting out what it’ll be like to visit their children’s house in the future and get “payback.” In the caption, Britney spoke about some of the hardest parts of being a mom.

As Britney opened up about the hard parts of being a mom, she shared that her boys would only spend a brief amount of time with her on Christmas day. “All the years of me crying and wanting to see them more and no response,” she wrote. “All the years of Christmas Day when I had the whole tree filled with gifts and they would visit for 2 hours, ditch the Christmas dinner I made and leave immediately to go to the mall to return the gifts and get what they really wanted!”

Britney’s Instagram post. (Instagram/Britney Spears)

The video featured Emily and her husband acting like kids and teenagers in the house, saying they want to act like that in their kids’ future home, including them making messes in the kitchen, sneaking alcohol, and throwing clothes on the floor. Earlier in her caption, Britney wrote about “how hard it is when kids play video games and leave their chip wrappers and food on the damn floor.”

Britney shares her two sons with her ex Kevin Federlineand they’ve been the subject of much drama since the split and in recent years. Over the summer, the boys moved to Hawaii with their dad. Back in May, Kevin’s lawyer had claimed that Sean, 18, and Jayden, 17, hadn’t seen Britney in over a year, as they were settling their custody agreement about them relocating to Hawaii.

Britney and her sons hold hands at a 2013 movie premiere. (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

Despite some issues in recent years, Britney still clearly has a lot of love for both kids. On her birthday in December 2022, she wrote a beautiful message to both boys. “I love you … I would die for you !!! God speed my precious hearts !!! I would give anything just to touch your face !!! I send my love,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram caption.