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Robyn Brown Admits She’s ‘Very Depressed’ Over Kody’s Plural Marriage Troubles: I Don’t Want to ‘Live Monogamy’

Robyn Brown is 'really angry' about Kody Brown's issues with the other sister wives and stresses she 'never wanted to live monogamy.'

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Robyn Brown
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The fallout of Kody Brown’s issues with Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown is impacting his relationship with Robyn Brown. In the October 1 episode of Sister Wives, Robyn reveals how all this family drama is taking a toll on her.

“I love Kody, but I’ve never wanted to live monogamy, and it feels like more and more that’s where it’s kind of headed, and I feel angry. I’m really angry,” Robyn, 44, says. “I wanted to live plural marriage, and I’m starting to feel a little tricked or something, or like people are making decisions for my life that I did not choose. It’s making me very angry and very depressed.”

Robyn Brown
Robyn Brown admits she’s ‘really angry’ about what’s going on. (TLC)

Christine, 51, has already left Kody, 54, and gotten engaged. Janelle, 54, is separated from Kody and admits in the episode that she doesn’t want to be married anymore. Meri, 52, who has been having issues with Kody for years, reveals to Robyn that she’s going to be spending more time in Parowan at her bed and breakfast.

Meri stresses that she wants Kody to work on their relationship, but Kody wants to keep things platonic forever. “Meri and I went through an entire process here over the past 7 years, and we’ve gotten back to the place where I feel like we are getting along,” Kody says. “We get along with each other. But I don’t want to reconcile the relationship because I don’t think it’s a fit for me.”

Kody Brown
Kody Brown’s life is falling apart. (TLC)

Robyn is the closest to Meri out of all the sister wives, and she worries about what will happen if Meri decides to move permanently. “I’m always torn between just looking at her and saying, ‘Go find your happiness,’ and saying, ‘Please figure it out with us here,'” Robyn cries.

As of September 2023, Robyn and Kody aren’t living in a plural marriage at all. Now that Christine, Janelle, and Meri have all left Kody, Robyn is the only wife he has left, which is exactly what Robyn didn’t want. New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.