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Kody Brown Doesn’t Think Janelle Brown Is ‘In Love’ With Him: She Only ‘Thinks I’m Hot’

Kody Brown reveals in the new episode of 'Sister Wives' that he believes Janelle Brown is only 'interested' in his physical attributes.

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Kody Brown
Image Credit: TLC

Kody Brown declares that he’s convinced that Janelle Brown is no longer “in love” with him in the September 24 episode of Sister Wives. Kody, 54, continues to not address his own issues that have caused the fracture in his relationship with Janelle, 54.

“Janelle’s not in love with me. I think she thinks I’m hot. I got nice pecks and a great six-pack abs, but that’s all she’s interested in,” Kody says in the episode. Janelle doesn’t see things that way. “There’s way more to a marriage than just physical attraction, and I feel like we’re in big danger here,” she admits.

Kody Brown
Kody Brown addresses his relationship with Janelle. (TLC)

Kody and Janelle sit down for their first conversation since their intense showdown before Christmas. They have lunch together and discuss their massive fight.

During their talk, Kody continues to claim that he was blindsided by Christine Brown leaving him. Janelle is baffled that Kody is trying to use that excuse. “So when Kody talks about Christine and him splitting up, it always shocks me that he purports that he never saw this coming,” Janelle says. “He’s been telling me for years that he wasn’t attracted to Christine, they were struggling in their marriage. I would have left his ass the first time he said that to me. I would have.”

Janelle Brown
Janelle Brown talks with Kody about their future. (TLC)

Janelle tells Kody that she’s willing to go to counseling to save their relationship, but she wants to stay “separated” for the time being. Janelle fully admits that she doesn’t think she’s getting what she deserves from Kody. Despite everything that’s happened recently, Janelle still has a lot of love for her husband.

“I do miss Kody. We are very best friends. We have a lot of conversations,” Janelle reveals. “I miss him in my bed. I miss him in my house. I miss him. But I am not being treated the way I deserve to be treated here.” New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC and Max.