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Ben Affleck Awkwardly Raps With Ice Spice in New Dunkin Commercial

'The Town' star embraced his new job as Dunkin's 'brand ambassador,' while asking the rising rap sensation for her thoughts on marketing ideas.

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Ben Affleck starred alongside Ice Spice in his latest commercial for Dunkin, released on Tuesday, Sep. 12. The Oscar-winner hilariously brainstormed with the “Deli” rapper to come up with ideas to associate her with Dunkin. While some of his suggestions were a little out of left field (like an awkward rap duo), Ice Spice does have a delicious-looking new drink with Dunkin.

Ben started the clip by sipping on an iced coffee from his beloved breakfast chain, before it cut to him chatting with the rapper. “Things with Dunkin are going well. Big promotion. Made me brand ambassador,” he said. “We gotta come up with a drink name, but it’s not easy, right? Nowadays with social media, the kids, it’s gotta be authentic. How are people going to connect you with Dunkin?”

Ben has been very open about his love for Dunkin in the past. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

The rapper informed Ben that she was already a “Dunkin Girl,” and she revealed that the marketing practically writes itself. After she dropped her 2022 hit “Munch,” her fans have called themselves “Munchkins,” just like the popular donut holes from Dunkin.  “Where are you going with this?” Ben asked. Ice chimed in with a simple suggestion: “Ice Spice Munchkins Drink?”

Towards the end of the clip, Ben threw out one more idea (with his thick Boston accent). “I got an idea! Collabs, like they do. I spit bars with you! We’re called ‘Vanilla Ice Spice,'” he quipped, before dropping some lines. “Here I am! I’m with Dunkin!”

The commercial came fresh off of Ice Spice’s VMAs win. (Jason Szenes/UPI/Shutterstock)

Ice hilariously looked like she was trying to keep from laughing. It seems safe to say that we’re not going to hear any hit songs from Vanilla Ice Spice anytime soon. That being said, the commercial does end by showing that the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink will be available from Sep. 13 to Oct. 31.

The Good Will Hunting star has never hidden his love of Dunkin. The Boston native has also starred in a series of ads for the chain, including a hilarious Super Bowl commercial where he worked the drive-thru, only to be discovered by his wife Jennifer Lopez.