Nick Carter Admits He’s Still ‘Processing’ Death Of Brother Aaron: It’s A ‘Tragic Situation’

Aaron left behind a loving family who is still grieving him, including The Backstreet Boys' Nick, who says he's still working through the loss.

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Nick Carter
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Nick Carter is still grieving. The Backstreet Boy, 43, opened up in a new interview about how the death of his brother Aaron Carter in November of 2022 has affected his famous family. “It’s definitely been tough for me and my family,” he told ETOnline for an interview published on Friday, Aug. 25. “It is still something that we are still processing, to this day. I don’t think we will ever really get over it. It’s been a lot for us, and we are finding ways to try and take a really tragic situation in our family and do something with it.”

Nick Carter
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Aaron passed away at his home in Lancaster in Los Angeles County on Nov. 5, 2022. He was just 34 years. “He was found unresponsive this morning by his [fiancée] Melanie Martin at the home in Lancaster, California,” his rep confirmed to HollywoodLife at the time. “Everyone is so devastated right now.” The cause of death was later determined to be a drug related accidental drowning.

Nick and Aaron Carter
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But Nick, his family, and Aaron’s twin sister Angel Conrad have managed to move forward, albeit with sadness. “I’ve been in the Backstreet Boys for the past 30 years, and when I get onstage I am this persona onstage, so to speak,” Nick told the outlet of his newly released single “Superman.” “It’s almost like I’m putting on a costume. But when I’m home, I’m just a normal guy. I have a family, three kids and I’m just Dad back at home. So, in a lot of ways — I’m not saying at all that I’m Superman — it’s just saying that Superman puts on a cape and a costume and goes on and does what he does. But for me, I’m kinda like Clark Kent just back at home. So, in some ways, that’s what it means to me. And then, also, a lot of people can take ‘Superman’ the song and listen to it and maybe they can relate to it in some way.”