Will Smith & Kevin Hart Mock Tom Cruise For Being A ‘Close Talker’ In Interviews: Watch

The two stars laughed while doing their best impressions of the 'Top Gun' actor, as part of the new 'Hart To Heart' Peacock series.

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Apparently, Tom Cruise likes to keep his conversations very close. Will Smith and Kevin Hart both shared their experiences with the Mission: Impossible star, 61, in a new clip from the Peacock series Hart To Heart, shared on Thursday, August 3. The comedian, 44, and Oscar-winner, 54, both offered their own impressions of Tom in the hilarious interview clip.

In the interview, Will was speaking about trying to match Tom’s level of promo for a movie, but he admitted that the Jerry Maguire star is “unbeatable” in terms of press. “I was trying to outdo Tom Cruise in terms of promotion,” he said. Kevin also offered, “He’s so f**king competitive.”

Kevin proceeded to chime in and reveal that Tom is a close-talker. He held a hand up close to his face to demonstrate that “Tom talks right here.” Both the comic and Will proceeded to lean in and do hilarious impressions of the actor to show how their conversations had gone with the actor. “I said it respectfully to Tom, because he scared me when he first did it,” Kevin said. “Back up.” Will offered that his reaction is to “try to laugh and cross your arms.”

Will and Kevin both gave their best Tom Cruise impressions in a new interview. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Erik Pendzich/Shea Flynn/imageSPACE/Shutterstock)

Will also explained that he thought that Tom was simply trying to share in his passion, and he wanted his conversation partner to be just as enthusiastic as he is.  “He just wants you to understand what he says,” Will said. “He just wants you to feel what he’s talking about.”

As neither Kevin or Will has ever starred with Tom in a movie, their impressions of the actor seemed to come from a loving place. While the two stars were goofing on him, Tom does appear to have a good sense of humor about himself and his past work. When reflecting on his iconic dancing scene in Risky Business, Tom admitted that he “still” dances around his home in his underwear in a June interview with Access Hollywood. “I grew up dancing in my underwear in my house, who doesn’t?” he said.