Valerie Bertinelli Pops Up In Son Wolfgang Van Halen’s Music Video: Watch her Cameo

Valerie Bertinelli's son paid tribute to his famous mom by casting her in his new music video! 

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Valerie Bertinelli and Wolfgang Van Halen
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Valerie Bertinelli, 63, is definitely music video material — and her son Wolfgang Van Halen, 32, just helped her prove it with a fun cameo in his own! In the new 5-minute Mammoth WVH music video for “I’m Alright,” the One Day At A Time star is featured as a rather annoyed looking secretary checking in rockers for a Battle of the Bands competition. She wears a stylish pair of oversize glasses and a black top behind protective glass, sighing with exasperation while checking him in for the big event.

Valerie and her late ex-husband Eddie Van Halen welcomed their only son in March of 1991 before splitting in 2001 with a divorce to follow in 2007. The rock icon sadly died of cancer at the age of 65 on October 6, 2020. But Eddie’s legacy has lived on through his musical son. And his ex wife has nothing but love for their child together.

When asked during a 2020 interview what Wolfgang means to her, she told TODAY, “That I know how to do something right.” She also got emotional during the interview, adding, “The moment I became his mother, I felt right in the world. I felt whole. He’s just a very special human being, and I love him dearly.”

Valerie Bertinelli and Wolfgang Van Halen
Matt Baron/Shutterstock

When the outlet asked about the tears that sprang to her eyes, she shrugged. “I’m his mom. What am I going to say, right?” She also related a heartbreaking story of how she wasn’t able to be near him during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Wolfie did come over one day with his mask and his gloves on, and he wouldn’t come in the house,” she said, referring to her son with the affectionate nickname. “He just stood outside. It’s heartbreaking, but sheltering in place is what’s going to get us through this.”

The actress is clearly smitten completely with her son. In a 2019 birthday post, she gushed over for him in a sweet tribute. “Happy Birthday @wolfvanhalen! 💙 I love you to the moon and back…forever and a day… and a day after that,” she captioned a pic of the mother-son duo.