Victoria Justice Reveals Jamie Lynn Spears Sent Her A Gift From ‘Zoey 102’ Set After ‘Reconnecting’ (Exclusive)

While Victoria Justice couldn't be there for 'Zoey 102,' Jamie Lynn Spears sent her a special gift from set!

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Image Credit: Everett Collection

Due to scheduling conflicts, Victoria Justice was unable to reprise her role as Lola Martinez in the upcoming Zoey 101 reboot movie, Zoey 102. However, star Jamie Lynn Spears let the Victorious actress know she was missed with a sweet gesture! “I had scheduling conflicts and whatnot, but she mailed me the wrap gift, and she was like, ‘It only seems fair to send this to you as well, since you were such a big part of the show!’ and this handwritten note and these little Zoey 102 pencils. It was just so sweet and thoughtful of her,” Victoria gushed in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. Victoria went on to support her former Zoey 101 costars at the special screening of the upcoming movie, posing for photos with Jamie Lynn and Erin Sanders.

‘Zoey 101’ cast. (Everett Collection)

“It was just so nice seeing Jamie Lynn and so nice seeing Erin. I had so much fun making that show, and I’m just rooting all of them on, and I can’t wait to see the movie. I think it’s going to be so much fun!” Victoria continued. She added that Jamie Lynn, in particular, as been “so thoughtful and inclusive and kind,” revealing that the duo were “texting throughout filming and reconnecting.”

While fans old and new are so excited for the Zoey 101 franchise to continue, many are also wondering what that could mean for a possible reboot of Victoria’s Victorious, which ran on Nickelodeon from 2010 to 2013 for four seasons. “There’s not really anything in the works right now, but my whole thing is never say never!” Victoria teased. “I feel like right now we’re all on our own individual paths and focusing on our own things, but I don’t know! I love that show. I love that cast. So, it could be fun to do something in the future.”

Jamie Lynn Spears & Victoria Justice In ‘Zoey 101.’ (Everett Photos)

The “Treat Myself” singer admitted the beloved cast has an “active group chat” and “all support each other,” while adding that “whenever we can, we try to have some sort of a reunion.” In the meantime, she continues to “challenge [herself] and push [herself]” as an actress, exploring different genres and taking on new projects. “I general as an actor, I think I just want to tell stories, but I don’t want to do the same sort of project over and over again. I want to be pushing myself as an actor and step into all different sort of genres and challenging myself and surprising people, which keeps it exciting,” Victoria told HL.

Victoria Justice for Yellow Tail. (Courtesy of Yellow Tail)

In between recording new music and filming new movies, Victoria is taking time to treat herself with Yellow Tail’s Moscato, which she’s helped relaunch with a sweeter taste! “I have been a fan of the brand for a long time. Their wine is affordable, it tastes amazing, and Moscato is the perfect drink for the summer,” she gushed over the partnership. “I love having it for either a fun night out or a chill night in and having my girls over. I’ll make a charcuterie board, which pairs perfectly with the wine, and we’ll play some Monopoly Deal and be sipping our Moscato or watching a movie, hanging out in my backyard!”