Victoria Justice & Kat McNamara On The ‘Trust’ Twist & The ‘Shadowhunters’ Reunion

'Trust' stars Victoria Justice and Katherine McNamara spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the movie's twisty ending and blessing 'Shadowhunters' fans with a reunion!

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If you’re looking for a sexy and twisty romance to enjoy, Trust is the movie for you. Victoria Justice, Katherine McNamara, Lucien Laviscount, and Matthew Daddario star in the new film about Brooke and Owen, a couple who faces extreme temptations in Ansgar and Amy. For Katherine and Matthew, Trust marks a reunion for them after starring in the hit Freeform series Shadowhunters. This time around, Katherine and Matt are playing very different characters. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the cast about the sexy movie.

“I had been attached to this movie for probably a year before we shot it. When I found out Matt was possibly going to be involved, I was so excited because we needed somebody for Owen who was going to be able to handle the sort of complexity of it and also is smart enough to handle that kind of banter that the two of them have,” Katherine told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Personally, I wanted to be in those situations with someone that I trusted, for lack of a better word. But given the type of film, I think it’ll be really interesting. We made sure that there was a definite separation of characters so that it was not at all akin to Alec and Clary in any way that we can other than it’s still us. But what’s great about working with someone like Matt is we do have that sort of shorthand. We worked together for four years, so we can really play and break that wall down very quickly, and I think that serves the film.”

Katherine McNamara
Katherine McNamara stars as Amy in the film. (Vertical Entertainment)

In the film, Brooke ends up hiring a decoy, Amy, to test her husband, Owen. Things take a turn and Owen ends up sleeping with Amy. Brooke faces new desires of her own in the sexy artist, Ansgar. After a roller coaster of twists and the truth out on the table, Brooke ends up forgiving Owen for being unfaithful in the end. Victoria weighed in about Brooke and Owen ending up together.

“I wasn’t surprised that she did, and I’m glad that she did,” Victoria said. “I’m glad that there is a possibility for them to have a future together and possibly babies in the future because I really like them together. I think at the end of the day, Brooke obviously had her own insecurities with hiring the decoy and whatnot. Brooke made some decisions that maybe were a little questionable as well. I don’t think it was just always who was at fault here. I think everyone is to blame somehow, so I am glad that she forgives them.”

Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice plays Brooke. (Vertical Entertainment)

As for what happens to Amy, Katherine has high hopes for her character. “I always like to think that Amy went on to learn from the experience and further her journalism career,” Katherine told HollywoodLife. “In a way, I would like to think that maybe she was able to be friends with them because I think Owen would be a great mentor for her. In my head, when they’re at the end with the Christmas scene watching the news, I always imagine it’s Amy on TV reporting on something or some new art show or something. I would like to imagine a happy ending, but I think Amy’s driven enough to persevere.” Trust is now in select theaters and On Demand.