Kendall Jenner Correctly Uses A Knife In New Cooking Video After Viral Cucumber Cutting Mishap

'The Kardashians' star cut limes and avocados for some cocktails and guac with her pal Hailey Bieber in a new video.

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Image Credit: Sophie Sahara/MEGA

Kendall Jenner chopped limes and avocados with ease in a new episode of her pal Hailey Bieber’s video series What’s In My Kitchen? on Wednesday, April 19. The reality star, 27, and model, 26, were preparing some passionfruit spritz drinks and guacamole in the video, and as part of both recipes, Kendall had to use a knife, which she showed she knows how to use nearly a year after she went viral for awkwardly cutting a cucumber on The Kardashians. 

The two ladies prepared yummy-looking cocktails and guac, and early on, Hailey handed Kendall a knife to cut some limes in half to squeeze for their drinks. Kendall quickly sliced them in half with ease, and she even briefly mentioned how easily the knife cut through the fruit. When it came time to make guac, both women cut a few avocados, and Kendall even gave Hailey a tip on perfectly slicing an avocado by rolling it.

Kendall went viral for her awkward hand placement while slicing a cucumber in a May 2022 episode of The Kardashians. After fans critiqued her method on Twitter, she cleverly made light of the controversy retweeting one critic and simply writing, “tragic,” echoing what they had said about her cutting style. On the show, she did admit that she had been worried about cutting herself, and said that she was “not a good cutter.”

Kendall and Hailey prepared guac and drinks in the clip. (Sophie Sahara/MEGA)

After the controversy, Kendall kept a good sense of humor about the whole thing though. She made a joke about the incident on her Instagram Story, when she shared a photo of a cucumber with a knife just two weeks after the first video, and she quipped, “Here we go again.” She even called back to the meme in October, when she dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween.

Hailey and Kendall have been close friends for years, and at the start of the video, the model admitted that she was happy to have the 818 Tequila founder return for a video. “She was my first guest on Who’s In My Bathroom,” she said. Even though it’s been a while since Kendall was the guest on Hailey’s YouTube series, the two have had plenty of fun outings together in recent months, including a ski trip to Aspen and enjoying an Adele concert together.

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