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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Are Caught Dancing Alone Together At 1AM

Ally and James witnessed a suspicious interaction between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss during the April 19 episode of 'Vanderpump Rules'.

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The cast of Vanderpump Rules started raising their eyebrows after hearing about a late-night hangout between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss during the April 19 episode. It all started when the cast returned to Los Angeles, following Scheana Shay‘s wedding in Mexico. There, Raquel kissed Tom Schwartz, but he later rejected her, so she set her sights on Garcelle Beauvais‘ son Oliver, who she made out with in Las Vegas just a few weeks back.

They were set to go on a date together during this week’s episode, but before they met up, Raquel got a message from Oliver’s estranged wife, who claimed they were still together. Raquel didn’t like feeling like a “mistress”, so she called things off with Oliver — but not until she met up with him in person so she could hear his side of the story. He claimed that he and his ex were not together, even though they had sex recently, but it all felt too sticky for Raquel’s liking (shocking), so she said it’d be best if they went their separate ways and he agreed.

While this was all going on, Katie Maloney made it clear that she thought Raquel was a “whore” for kissing Schwartz more than once in Mexico. Especially after she made it clear to the both of them that such a hookup would upset her. Lala Kent also found it comical that Raquel, who previously called her a “mistress” and a “home-wrecker”, was now being called the same by online trolls who discovered she made out with Oliver while he was married.

Sandoval, who bugged out quite a bit this week over the postponed opening of Schwartz & Sandy’s, also started showing signs of disinterest in his relationship with Ariana Madix. She started discussing their plans to make embryos together, but in his private confessional, he said he felt like it was pointless if she didn’t really want kids. He also made a point to tell her that she never backs him up in arguments with friends, and she never seems happy with him — he said she makes him feel like an “idiot”. Little did she know, however, that he was already building a relationship with Raquel on the side. Obviously, nothing’s happened on-screen just yet, but in recent interviews, it was revealed that Sandoval and Raquel slept together before Scheana’s wedding — and before Schwartz made out with her.

Speaking of Sandoval and Raquel — James Kennedy’s girlfriend Ally Lewber claimed she witnessed Sandoval and Raquel dancing together at The Abbey after the most recent See You Next Tuesday event at SUR. She “thought it was kind of weird” because it was 1am, and Ariana was nowhere to be seen. Ally said she “wouldn’t be comfortable with it” if she were Ariana, but James shrugged it off because he thought Sandoval and Raquel had just become “best buds” and she shouldn’t think too much into it.

However, Ally also told Katie and Lala about it, and when everyone got together for Lala’s birthday party, Katie took a jab at Sandoval. He was defending Raquel when she came to the party to apologize to Lala for her previous “mistress” jab, and she replied by saying he seems to “get a lot of joy out of Raquel”. He agreed and said she’s “cool”, not really understanding why she was saying that. But when Katie brought up their late-night Abbey date, he shot back, “Dude what are you f***ing saying dude? Get the f*** out of here man,” as he shook his head in disbelief.

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