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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Katie & James Freak Over Tom Schwartz & Raquel’s Hookup

Plus, 24 hours before Scheana Shay and Brock Davies' wedding, she revealed they secretly tied the knot one year prior.

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Scheana Shay and Brock Davies finally got married during the April 12 episode of Vanderpump Rules. But as viewers learned, their Cancun ceremony wasn’t the first time they exchanged “I dos”. The night before her big day, Scheana told her bridesmaids that she and Brock legally got married one year prior so he wouldn’t run into any issues with his expiring visa. He needed a green card and she wanted him to stay in the US since they already have a daughter together and she plans to be with him “forever”. But that wasn’t the only shocker in this week’s episode.

Last week’s episode ended with Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss kissing, and this week, Katie Maloney and James Kennedy learned about it through a game of literal telephone. It all went down during a welcome party two nights before the wedding. Schwartz and Raquel swapped spit, everyone cheered, and Scheana called Lala Kent to make sure she heard what had happened. Unbeknownst to Scheana, Katie and James were sitting with Lala when she got the phone call, so they learned about the kiss at the same time as Lala.

Katie felt sick and couldn’t believe what she had heard — she even texted Schwartz to tell him she hates him. And James got loud, saying Schwartz wants to “f*** the sh** out of Raquel”. To say they were upset would be an understatement.

The next day, Schwartz crossed paths with James and his new girlfriend, Ally Lewber, by the pool. James immediately asked about the kiss, and Schwartz initially played dumb but then copped to doing it and asked if he could explain what had happened. James let Schwartz say what he wanted to say, but when Schwartz tried excusing the kiss by saying he only did it because Katie forbade him from doing so, James scoffed. Then, when Schwartz put his hand on James’ leg and asked Ally to defend him, James flipped out. He told Schwartz to stop conversing with his girlfriend, as it was disrespectful. Especially since he didn’t respect any boundaries when he chose to make out with James’ ex-fiancee, Raquel.

Later that evening, Scheana’s wedding guests went to a hibachi dinner, where Schwartz and Raquel flirted in front of James. He then knocked her for hooking up with every guy in their friend group and wondered who’d be next. Obviously, he didn’t know that she already hooked up with Tom Sandoval, but her pattern was already obvious to her ex. But Schwartz also said the kiss was just a kiss and he didn’t have any feelings for Raquel, so maybe that’s why she pursued Sandoval in the long-run.

Meanwhile, Katie grabbed dinner with Lala and Kristina Kelly off the hotel’s property. James and Ally joined them after the event with Scheana’s wedding guests, and when Katie was asked how she felt about the whole situation, she said she wanted to “light [Schwartz and Raquel] on f***ing fire”, which gave Lala and James “chills”.

The next day at Scheana’s wedding, Raquel and Schwartz reunited, and she said she didn’t love how he was “playing off” their makeout as nothing more than an innocent kiss. But he seemed more concerned with Katie hating him, so after the ceremony, he raced around the property looking for her to make sure things were okay between them. Katie was out to dinner with Kristina again, and when Schwartz showed up uninvited, she wasn’t thrilled.

Again, Schwartz tried defending his actions and diminishing Katie’s feelings. She told him that they’re “done” and there’s no chance for a friendship because she has such “hatred” for him now, but all he had to say was, “That sucks for you.” He also told her that her feelings are “exhausting” and she’s often “toxic”. She then called him a “loser”, but he said it “doesn’t affect” him “at all” and he “doesn’t give a f*** anymore.” So Katie and Kristina told him to leave, and he happily obliged.

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