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Amanda Bynes Placed On Psychiatric Hold After Walking Around Naked In Public: Report

Amanda was allegedly spotted naked in public on March 19, when she flagged down a car and told the driver she was coming down from a psychiatric episode, a new report claims.

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Amanda Bynes, 36, has been placed on a psychiatric hold after calling 911 on herself when she came-to and realized she was walking around in public, near downtown LA, naked, a new report by TMZ claims. An eyewitness told the news outlet that the former What I Like About You star waved down a car early Sunday, March 19, without any clothes on and revealed she was coming down from a psychiatric episode. She was then taken to a nearby police station where it was reportedly decided she needed to be placed on a 5150 hold. Those holds typically last 72 hours, but can extend based on a patient’s needs. At this time, she remains in a facility’s care, and will “likely continue to receive care for several days”, according to TMZ.

Amanda Bynes ran errands in Los Angeles on the heels of news that she was rekindling her romance with her then-ex-fiance, Paul Michael, on Oct. 24, 2022. (Snorlax/MEGA)

Sources further told TMZ that it didn’t appear Amanda was hurt at all during the incident, but obviously, things could have been a lot worse “given the area where she was found”. HollywoodLife reached out to both Amanda’s rep and lawyer, who have yet to comment on the situation.

Interestingly, this Wednesday, March 22, would have marked the one-year anniversary of Amanda’s 9-year conservatorship being terminated. The actress’ mom became her conservator in 2013, when Amanda was having problems with her mental health and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After a few scary incidents, including an instance when Amanda set her neighbor’s driveway on fire, she went away for treatment.

Amanda Bynes out and about in Los Angeles on Aug. 25, 2015. (BroadImage/Shutterstock)

After Amanda’s conservatorship ended in March 2022, she shared the following statement with PEOPLE magazine: “Following today’s decision by the judge to terminate my conservatorship, I would like to thank my fans for their love and well wishes during this time. I would also like to thank my lawyer and my parents for their support over the last nine years. In the last several years, I have been working hard to improve my health so that I can live and work independently, and I will continue to prioritize my well-being in this next chapter,” she continued. “I am excited about my upcoming endeavors — including my fragrance line — and look forward to sharing more when I can.”

Amanda was scheduled to attend 90s Con in Connecticut this past weekend, but she canceled on Friday, March 17, due to illness.