Amanda Bynes Reveals Whether She’d Do ‘What I Like About You’ Reboot With Jennie Garth

Is it time for Holly, Valerie, and Lauren to reunite? Amanda Bynes revealed, now that she's no longer under a conservatorship, if she's open to rebooting 'What I Like About You' with Jennie Garth and Leslie Grossman.

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It’s been a few months since Amanda Bynes was released from her conservatorship. So, now is it time for her to take control of her career and return to acting? Amanda, 35, said she’s “very interested” in a possible reboot/revival of What I Like About You, her WB Series that ran for four seasons in the early 2000s. “I think it’s a great idea to reboot the show,” she told TMZ while noting that she hasn’t talked to her costars on the series — Leslie Grossman or Jennie Garth – about possibly giving the show the Fuller House/ iCarly treatment.

“I miss them and would love to work with them again,” Amanda told TMZ. “I don’t miss acting, but I loved this show, so I’d be down to return to acting for this revival. It would be a great experience to continue the show.”


A reboot seems plausible. “I’ve learned that you never know, you know what I mean? Never say never,” Jennie said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. “I would want to do the show with Amanda. I would just want to make sure she was in a place where she wanted to do it.” Jennie said that she and Amanda “were like sisters” off-screen. “Our birthdays are actually on the same day in real life. And so we’re thinking we’re connected in a weird way.”


What I Like About You tells the story of Holly (Amanda) moving to New York to live with her older sister Valerie (Jennie) after their father is transferred to Japan. The show also featured Val’s best friend, Lauren (Leslie), who appeared sporadically in season one before becoming a regular character in seasons two through four. The final episode aired on March 24, 2006.

The subject of Amanda resuming her acting career was brought up to her attorney, David A. Esquibias, in March, shortly after a judge issued a tentative ruling that the court-ordered conservatorship was “no longer required.” Amanda’s last listed role was 2010’s Easy A. “I have not heard her say that she’s interested in returning to becoming an actress, but I wouldn’t rule that out,” said Esquibias. “She has a new life ahead of her, and she is so young… She was a great actress. I’m sure many people would love to see her return to acting.”