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Padma Lakshmi & Lookalike Daughter Krishna, 13, Are Spotted Out In NYC: Photos

Padma Lakshmi wore a stylish outfit as she spent quality time with her only child, after recently talking about her endometriosis diagnosis.

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Padma Lakshmi, 52, appeared to have a mother-daughter day with her 13-year-old daughter Krishna on Saturday. The writer and the lookalike teen were photographed going on a stroll together in New York City, NY, and looked content and happy. They both wore casual outfits, including an olive green coat over a black and white striped to, jeans, and brown heeled boots for Padma, and a black puffer coat, jeans, and white sneakers for Krishna.

Padma and Krishna during their NYC outing. (T.JACKSON / BACKGRID)

Padma also added sunglasses to her look as she held a white bag from a shop and flaunted pretty lipstick. Her mini me had headphones around her neck as her auburn hair was down. They both also appeared to be in conversation at one point.

Padma Lakshmi, Krishna
Another photo of the mother and daughter during their day out. (T.JACKSON / BACKGRID)

Padma and Krishna. whose father is Adam Dell, went on their outing just days after Padma made headlines for discussing her endometriosis diagnosis, which happened when she was 36, and more, during an open and honest interview with The Guardian. The Top Chef host said she had been suffering from the condition since she was 13 years old and was angry it took so long to get diagnosed.

“Every month, being in bed for a week, trying everything, and nothing helping. My body turned against me,” she told the outlet. “I’d see college roommates, friends of mine, pop two ibuprofen and go back to basketball practice. I thought, ‘What is wrong with me, that I cannot handle one of the most basic parts of being female?’”

“So many exams, work assignments, first or second dates, family occasions that I just went missing for because I couldn’t participate” she added, admitting the lack of diagnosis caused her to miss out on many things in her life. She also said she believes that male disorders are better researched and resourced.

“If I had erectile dysfunction, there would be many drugs for me. But for endometriosis, not one,” she explained. “I’m pretty sure that if you have erectile dysfunction, you can still make it into the office. Whereas being in so much pain you can’t move out of a fetal position …” Once Padma had her diagnosis in 2006, she was able to have the surgery that helped it.

In addition to talking about health issues, Padma talked about Krishna and how she’s taught her to stand against sexual abuse and/or harassment, which continues to be a problem in the world, since she was young. “I always tried to give her the language to defend herself, so that she’s got two or three sentences in her pocket. When she went to preschool, right away, I said if anybody touches you, or makes you feel uncomfortable, or makes you touch them, just say ‘no’, really loud,” she said. “I think most of us are so unaware that we’re kind of shocked that it’s even happening to us.”