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Chris Brown Vs Kiely Williams: Their War of Words Over Chloe Bailey Collaboration

Kiely Williams expressed her disappointment following Chloe Bailey's new collaboration with Chris Brown, and Chris responded by attacking Kiely's career and wallet. Here's what we know.

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Chris Brown has responded to Cheetah Girls alum Kiely Williams‘ criticism of his upcoming collaboration with Chlöe Bailey  — and he minced no words. The 36-year-old singer, who is known for partaking in the musical groups 3LW, the Cheetah Girls and BluPrint, slammed Chris, 33, and the music industry for his new song, “How Does It Feel”, with Chlöe after it was announced on Feb. 16. “Let him come out with his own record—so genius, so captivating that it makes us all forget HE BEATS WOMEN,” she began in her fiery Twitter rant, which quoted tweeted 22-year-old Chloe’s announcement. As fans will remember, Kiely is referring to when Chris brutally beat Rihanna in 2009, which ended their two-year relationship.

Kiely Williams/Twitter
Kiely Williams spoke out against Chris Brown’s collaboration with Chlöe Bailey on Feb. 16, 2023 (Photo: Kiely Williams/Twitter)

“He can’t so he wont. So what does he do? He slowly creeps back into the mainstream by getting small nods for features on Black Women’s merit. Black women who are more talented, more worthy, but give him the okay,” she continued. “I am swatting the f****** air rn. Garbage.”

Although the “Freaky Friday” hitmaker is in Europe for his Under The Influence Tour, he found the time to clap back at Kiely and make fun of her lisp on his Instagram Story. Quoting lyrics from 3LW’s 2000 hit “No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)”, he wrote, “I’m getting kinda tired of ya broken promithis promithis,” above a screenshot of her tweet.

He went on to make more personal digs, this time bringing up Keily’s mental health and financial status. “Obviously you are at a point in your life where either you are very broke or broken. THE FACT you think you have to speak negatively about me makes u look so lame… YOUR LIFE AND CAREER MUST SUCK RIGHT NOW,” he slammed. “minding your business WOULDVE been best.. but I guess you don’t have a business or a real job that makes u financially stable. I feel more embarrassed for your actual maturity.”

On the next slide, he mocked her further with a meme of her face with the words “THOP IT” written out in white font.

Kiely wasn’t the only person concerned about the collaboration between Chris and the rising star, as both Chlöe and Chris received a landslide of backlash online. For instance, one Twitter user listed more than a dozen other artists Chlöe could have worked with. Chris took note of that criticism as well, and let his thoughts on the matter be known. “IF YALL STILL HATE ME FOR A MISTAKE I MADE AS A 17year old please kiss my whole entire a** !” he said in another message shared on his Story. “IM F****** 33! IM SO TIRED OF YALL RUNNING WITH THIS NARRATIVE.”

Chlöe has yet to respond to the drama. Her new song with Chris drops on Feb. 24.