Donna Kelce Hugs Travis To Celebrate Super Bowl Win & Consoles Jason After Loss: Watch

After the 2023 Super Bowl, Donna Kelce got to celebrate with one of her sons, but she was also there to comfort her other son after his team lost in the big game.

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Donna Kelce got to experience having a son win the Super Bowl, and having another son lose the Super Bowl, all in the same day on Feb. 12. The proud mom’s oldest son, Jason Kelce, 35, was on the losing team, the Philadelphia Eagles, while her younger son, Travis Kelce, 33, helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to victory. Luckily, there was plenty of Donna to go around, and she was able to be there for both of her boys on the field after their very different endings.

While the Chiefs celebrated their victory with confetti raining down on the field, Donna pulled Jason aside away from the chaos. The second he saw her he seemed to get emotional, as he pulled her in for a hug that lasted quite a while. Amidst the loud stadium, it’s unclear what Jason and Donna said to each other in that moment, but the hug definitely seemed to briefly lift Jason’s spirits. He even gave his mom a quick kiss on the cheek before they parted ways.

Meanwhile, Donna was in tears as she got a moment with Travis after his incredible win. He told her multiple times that he loves her as they shared a hug to celebrate. Of course, it was quite a busy postgame celebration for Travis, so the two only had few seconds together before he was whisked away. However, he promised Donna that he’d be back down as soon as he could.

donna travis kelce
Travis Kelce hugs his mom after the game. (Doug Benc/AP/Shutterstock)

Donna was the ultimate cheerleader for BOTH sons at the game. She wore a jersey that was for the Chiefs on one side and the Eagles on the other, and her jacket was split down the middle, half for the Chiefs, half for the Eagles. The “game day fit” was perfect down to the shoes, as well, as Donna wore one sneaker for Jason and one for Travis.

The Chiefs beat the Eagles 38-35 in an incredible second half victory. Meanwhile, Jason will still have a lot to celebrate in the coming weeks, as his wife, Kylie Kelce, is about to give birth to the pair’s third child together.