Tom Hanks Makes Surprise Appearance on Stephen Colbert & Is Pelted With Rose Petals By Prince Harry

When Prince Harry stopped by 'The Late Show,' Stephen Colbert prepared a welcoming fit for a king. Unfortunately for Harry, it wasn't for him – but for Hollywood' royalty,' Tom Hanks.

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“Where is he?” a perturbed Stephen Colbert says at the start of the clip that aired during the Tuesday (Jan. 10) edition of The Late Show. Flanked by two royal guardsmen, Stephen, 58, is told that “he” is coming, which prompts the Late Show host to give the command. “Hit it,” he says as the guards raise their trumpets. Stephen stands at attention as Prince Harry walks into the frame. Harry, 38, seemed flattered by the gesture but told Stephen it was “not needed.” “What are you talking about?” shouted Stephen. “This isn’t for you! Get out of the way – he’s coming!” Enter: Tom Hanks.

“I’m back!” says Tom, 66. “Where’s my fanfare?” The Hollywood star is then given the royal treatment. The trumpeters play their tune, Stephen salutes, and Prince Harry – once again relegated to playing second banana to a bigger name – begins to throw rose petals at the Forrest Gump star. While the petals were likely meant to line Tom’s path, Harry goes the unconventional route of tossing them at Hanks’ face.

 Prince Harry got his fair share of the spotlight later in the episode when he sat down with Colbert to discuss his new memoir Spare. “Would you like a cocktail before we begin?” asked Colbert, who poured Harry some tequila, and they each took a drink. The conversation took a bit of a joyous tone when Colbert brought up a story about how Harry got a mild case of frostbite on his penis during a visit to the north pole. “We’ve taken quite a leap from grief and trauma to my todger,” said Harry, per The Guardian.


“Todger. That’s a very gentle word. Todger. Sounds like a nice nickname. You know, my friends, here’s Willy, here’s todger, here’s John Thomas,” said Colbert. The conversation also turned serious when Harry claimed that the royal family was actively working to undermine the legitimacy of his memoir through the British press.

“But this is the other side of the story, right?” he told the Late Show host. “After 38 years, they have told their side of the story. This is the other side of the story, and there’s a lot in there. Perhaps [it] makes people feel uncomfortable and scared.”

“Without [a] doubt, the most dangerous lie that they have told is that I somehow boasted about the number of people that I killed in Afghanistan,” Harry said about a recent controversy. “I would say that if I heard anybody else or heard anyone boasting about that kind of thing, I would be angry. But it’s a lie, and hopefully, now that the book is out, people will be able to see the context. It’s really troubling and very disturbing that they can get away with it because they had the context. It wasn’t like here’s just one line. They had the whole section. They ripped it away and just said, here it is, he’s boasting on this … and that’s dangerous. And my words are not dangerous, but the spin of my words are very dangerous.”

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