Miley Cyrus Announces ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ Album: Photo – Hollywood Life

Miley Cyrus Dangles From Trapeze In Bodysuit & Stilettos in First Look At New Album Art

New Miley is coming! On Jan. 5, the singer announced her upcoming album, 'Endless Summer Vacation,' and shared the stunning album cover, as well.

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Image Credit: Brianna Capozzi

The newest era of Miley Cyrus is upon us! Miley will drop her new album, Endless Summer Vacation, on March 10. She announced the news on Instagram on Jan. 5, along with the album’s cover. On the cover, which was shot by Brianna Capozzi, Miley dangles in the air from a trapeze. She’s dressed in a black bodysuit with a cutout up one side, and black stiletto pumps completing the look. Her hair is styled in wet curls, with sunglasses and red lipstick topping off her glam. Miley executed the idea for the cover herself and it was shot without any visual effects.

miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus’ ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ cover. (Brianna Capozzi)

Along with the album art, Miley also released the trailer for Endless Summer Vacation, which is a one minute look into the “visual world that she has build around this very personal body of work.” The video begins with the singer dipping her hand into a pool, before honing in on close-up shots of her face, amongst other visuals.

In the background, Miley can be heard saying,  “We met each other on the neon dinghy, past the manta rays and palm trees. Glowing creatures beamed down from great heights. Electric eels and red venom. In the sky, we could see the riders on horseback, on comets, coming toward us, kicking up with laughter. My friend Big Twitchy rode the boat into the light, surfed the north break. We danced until there was nothing left. Just me and Twitchy. Because that’s all we knew.” Miley’s voiceover immediately had fans wondering about the identity of Big Twitchy, who appears to be some sort of inspiration behind the album.

Meanwhile, the record’s first single, “Flowers,” will be released on Jan. 13. Miley announced the song while hosting her New Year’s Eve show with Dolly Parton on Dec. 31. Since then, the singer has been teasing some of the lyrics on Instagram. The chorus appears to go, “I can hold my own hand, I can buy myself flowers, I can love me better than you can, I can take myself dancing.”

Of course, Miley has not confirmed the subject of the song, but fans were quick to point out that it’s being released on the same day as her ex, Liam Hemsworth’s, birthday. However, it’s been more than three years since Miley and Liam broke up during the summer of 2019, and since then, she went on to have public relationships with both Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson. Miley is currently dating drummer Maxx Morando, who she’s been with for more than a year.