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Jason Momoa, 43, is Buff As He Goes Shirtless While Tinkering On His Vintage Motorcycle: Photo

Jason Momoa was seen working on his bike in Malibu just days after he dropped off a Christmas tree at his ex-wife's Malibu abode.

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Jason Momoa
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Image Credit: (Photo: RMBI / BACKGRID)

Jason Momoa is buff and beautiful! The 43-year-old Aquaman star showed off his muscles as he tended to his vintage motorcycle in Malibu on Wednesday, Dec. 21, as seen below. He bared his entire chiseled torso with no shirt on and wore black shorts with red accents on the bottom. Jason’s long, brown hair was tied up into a bun and was shaved on the sides. He appeared to be in good spirits as he tinkered with his toy outside of a wooden building and spoke on the phone during the process. 

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa works on his motorcycle in Malibu, Calif. on Dec. 21, 2022 (Photo: RMBI / BACKGRID)

The Game of Thrones actor showed off his arm muscles by delivering a Christmas tree to his ex-wife Lisa Bonet‘s house in Malibu this week. He was dressed in a shirt this time around. The pair broke up in Jan. 2022 after five years of marriage but have maintained a civil relationship.

Last month, however, Jason truly bared it all during a Hawaiin fishing trip with his two pals, Sonny and martial artist Gordon King Ryan, which he raved about in an Instagram post. He flashed nearly his entire body to the camera while wearing nothing but a traditional Hawaiian malo. He even showed off his derriere when he turned around to take in the mountainous view and drink some refreshing water.

Just a week earlier, Jason stripped down to a malo while on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said he’s been wearing one constantly to prepare for his new AppleTV+ series, Chief of War. “It’s all 1780s, 1790s Hawaii. That’s what I wear every day. I was just getting ready for the role, cause I like to get into character, and so I was tanning my white ass,” he explained as the talk show host displayed a photo of Jason wearing a malo while fishing in Hawaii. “It was a second — you go past and he just happened to take a little photo.”

He later added that the malo is super comfortable. “I actually don’t even like wearing clothes anymore,” he stated.

With such a muscular body, it’s no surprise that Jason doesn’t mind showing off every aspect of it. So, how does he stay so fit? “I like to work out in the morning, at the crack of dawn, and love to workout outside: whether that’s climbing, hill sprints, boxing, surfing, swimming, skateboarding – it gives me some time to think and focus,” he told TRAIN magazine. “It helps me start my day off positively.”

He also vouched for cardiovascular exercises. “The most important muscle in your body is your heart, so I like to work up a sweat in the morning,” he explained. “If you take care of your heart it will take care of you. Whether that’s running, hiking, swimming, surfing, yoga or whatever, just 45 minutes a day getting your sweat on — it makes such a difference physically and mentally.”