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16 Celebs Who Love Yoga As A Workout Alternative: Serena Williams & More

Yoga is the perfect workout when you want to take things a little easier, but still feel the burn -- and celebs like Serena Williams, Lisa Rinna and more are all fans.

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serena williams
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With the New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time to start picking up some consistent workout habits to meet those New Year’s resolutions. Yoga is the perfect workout activity to help sculpt your body without the rigors of an intense, sweaty gym session. Even though yoga is more low impact, it still has an insane effect, and so many stars have favored the activity over the years.

serena williams
Serena Williams takes a yoga class. (MEGA)

As a professional tennis player, Serena Williams is often working on her cardio and building up her muscles. However, even she likes to slow it down every once and a while with a yoga class! The gorgeous mom was photographed stretching it out on a blue yoga mat, working every inch of her body as she meditated AND got a workout in. Of course, it probably helped that the scenery for her workout was in a gorgeous, tropical location!

Selena Gomez is another star who is a major fan of this wellness routine. While the starlet does participate in rigorous workouts to maintain her slim figure and agility — so she can break out those fierce dance moves while performing on stage  — she also finds moments to cool down and center her body. Selena’s own trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, definitely recommends it. “Listening to your body is a big thing of mine. Pushing it when you can push it, but also really knowing when it needs to rest or maybe just doing a yoga class or a stretch session,” Amy revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife, adding, “I incorporate yoga into almost every session as well, so Selena definitely gets her share of downward dog and stretching.”

lisa rinna
Lisa Rinna is photographed out with her yoga mat. (MEGA)

Lisa Rinna has also been photographed out and about with her yoga mat. She rocked leggings, a hooded sweatshirt, bandana and sneakers as she carried her mat to the workout class. Lisa loves breaking out dance moves for crazy Instagram videos, but she also knows how to take a deep breath and work her muscles in a yoga class, as well.

Over the years, Reese Witherspoon has been quite open about her intense exercises and diet, but she always finds time to make Yoga a part of her self care routine. Unlike her Big Little Lies character, Madeline Martha Mackenzie, Reese really seems to take Yoga quite seriously, and the benefits that it curates for the mind and body! Below, she attend an early Sunday class in Santa Monica!

reese witherspoon yoga
Reese Witherspoon preps for Yoga practice with her orange mat [REX/Shutterstock].
With many hoping that 2021 will be a fresh start, yoga is the perfect activity to add to your daily routine! If your New Year’s resolution includes putting more focus on your mental and physical health, this is a great way to do it. So, Nama-stay with us and click through the gallery above to check out more celebs who live by yoga!