Jennifer Aniston, 50, & Reese Witherspoon, 43, Reveal Their Diet & Fitness Secrets

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston spilled all the details on their health and fitness routines, including intense workouts, eating small meals, and even fasting!

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Jennifer Aniston50, and Reese Witherspoon, 43, are two of the world’s most respected and famous stars. Despite decades working in the industry, the duo look just like they did when they first came on the scene! Their secret — maintaining a routine of 16-hour fasts, a green juice every day, and rigorous workouts. “I do intermittent fasting, so no food in the morning,” Jennier shared about how she starts her day. “I just have a green juice and a coffee in the morning,” Reese revealed when the pair chatted with Radio Times

Of course, having known each other for decades, the women often look to each other as inspirations to push one another and get some tips! “Jen knows so much about health and fitness that I always defer to her. She’s great at wellbeing advice,” Reese complimented her The Morning Show costar. However, Jen’s new diet tricks are a major shift for her, as she used to have five small meals a day to stay in shape. In 2005, Jen’s “better living expert” shared that the actress would often have a high protein meal like “scrambled eggs with dried chili” as her first meal of the day with hot water and lemon. But now, with her fasting, Jen begins her day later — usually waking up at 9 am. Even when she’s fasting, though, Jen usually starts her day with a celery juice before heading into meditation and then getting into her workout. Reese, however, has a totally different schedule.

The Oscar winner starts her day at roughly 7:30 in the morning, and begins the day with a workout. “I probably do that six days a week,” she shared. Clearly, Reese and Jen have a super rigorous regimen to maintain their ideal bodies. And professional dietician, Susie Burrell, says their diet, known as the 16:8 diet, is “easier said than done.” “Rather than dinner at 8 pm and not eating until 12 pm the next day, you will get the best results if you eat dinner by 5 pm to 6 pm and not eat until 9 am or 10 am, so you still reap the metabolic benefits of consuming calories in the first half of the day.”

reese witherspoon workout routine
jennifer aniston workout routine
While the fitness routine and diet aren’t for everyone, it’s definitely been working for Reese and Jen. The pair are appearing together in the upcoming Apple TV original series The Morning Show. The duo star opposite each other at a national morning news show, undergoing turmoil as its staff becomes embroiled in a #MeToo storyline that shifts dynamics and sees the women at odds with one another. It’s a fun reunion for Reese and Jen, who actually played sisters in season six of Friends.  Fans cannot wait to see these two reunite when the series hits Apple TV on November 1!

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