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‘Teen Mom’ Cast Previews Briana & Ashley’s ‘Ridiculous’ ‘Family Reunion’ Fight: We Were ‘Blown Away’ (Exclusive)

The 'Teen Mom Family Reunion' stars reveal their initial reactions to Ashley Jones spitting on Briana DeJesus while filming Season 2.

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Teen Mom Family Reunion returns for a second season on Jan. 3, and as the trailer promises, it’ll be the “grandmother of all reunions”. Especially because it’ll feature a lot of tears, most of the ladies’ moms, a few Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant stars, and one heck of a fight between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus. An extended preview that’ll air at the end of the first episode actually shows Ashley spitting on Briana — something that was reported during the filming process — so when we sat down with the cast to discuss the new season EXCLUSIVELY, we asked the ladies how they felt about that jaw-dropping moment.

“I was blown away,” Catelynn Lowell told HollywoodLife. “I thought we were all adults and you know, when you start throwing bodily fluids — I mean, anybody you know — for anybody to get spit on…I feel like if I were to get spit on, all my morals, ethics, and values would fly out the window and fists start swinging. I feel like that’s natural. I feel like it was ridiculous for it to go that far. It sucks. It is what it is. I hope that people take away like the true character of certain individuals and yeah it was just a lot.”

'Teen Mom: Family Reunion'
‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 Cast Photo (Paramount/MTV)

Jade Cline added, “Yeah I definitely think it was very crazy, but what I think people are missing is during that it wasn’t like they were fist fighting each other. It was like you know everyone’s trying to calm down the situation, so I felt like the spitting was [just crossing] the line, and it was really like out of nowhere because I feel like everyone was trying to calm it down, so it wasn’t like someone was like aggressing [Ashley] and she felt a need to [spit] but I mean even spitting isn’t protecting yourself, you know what I mean? Like common sense. But I think it threw all of us that we were standing there because the whole house was full and it threw everyone completely off. Like everybody was like what just happened?”

The ladies were all in the midst of filming Teen Mom: The Next Chapter when they took a break to film Season 2 of Family Reunion. So Ashley and Briana’s fight really affected the latter half of Next Chapter — in fact, Cheyenne Floyd uninvited Ashley from her wedding, and Briana refused to film a group segment with Ashley at the show’s reunion special.

It’s still unclear why Briana and Ashley got into a fight during Season 2, but they’ve butted heads in the past over their conflicting feelings for former Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry. What we do know, however, is that most of the ladies don’t see any sort of resolution in the future. When we asked if there was hope for things to get better, Catelynn said, “I feel like it’s kind of hard in just the fact of the matter, like okay… so that situation happened.”

“I feel like we all tried to go somewhere and it’s not going anywhere,” Jade told us.

Fortunately, the new season will feature more than just Ashley and Briana’s fight. As we said, many of the Teen Mom stars’ moms joined the show to work out familial issues from their past and bond with their daughters. Plus, it’ll be nice to see all the cast members together in once place again, even if that means it sometimes leads to major tension and arguments. To hear what else the ladies had to say about Season 2, watch our full interview above.

MTV’s Teen Mom Family Reunion premieres Tuesday, January 3 at 8pm ET.