‘Teen Mom’ Reunion: Briana DeJesus Refuses To Film With Ashley Jones After ‘Family Reunion’ Fight

The first ever 'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter' reunion had a rocky start, as Briana DeJesus refused to film a group segment with co-star Ashley Jones.

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Major drama went down during the first ever Teen Mom: The Next Chapter reunion on Dec. 20, when Briana DeJesus chose not to film a group segment with co-star Ashley Jones. Briana was already out on stage with Jade Cline, Leah Messer, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd at the beginning of the show, but just before reunion hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa could start asking the ladies questions, producer Larry Musnik said, “Ashley’s going to sit down and we’re going to all be good,” but it sounded more like a question than anything else.

Amber, who’s gotten physical with a few different people on the show over the years, couldn’t believe that he’d suggest such a thing. “You think any of us were going to do anything anyways?” she asked, to which Larry said, “No, of course not,” but if he didn’t really think that, why did he say it?

Anyway, just hearing Ashley’s name affected Briana in a major way. Weeks before filming this reunion, the cast got together for a second season of Family Reunion, and the two got into a major fight with each other. Ashley even spit on Briana. “The set up is not what I want it to be and I don’t feel comfortable,” Briana said out loud before picking herself up and walking off stage.

Jade, of course, couldn’t function on stage without having Briana by her side, so she went looking for her and found her crying backstage. “I just thought that I could do it, but I know I can’t. I can’t,” she said of being on stage with Ashley, following their latest fight. “It’s just major anxiety, and this is my first time seeing her and I don’t think I can keep my composure.

Ten minutes later, Briana said she “can’t be next to” Ashley, so Larry said they could all “pivot” and change the plan. He then told Jade to go back out on stage and Briana said she’d join “in a minute” if she was able to.

Back on stage, Cheyenne said she was “confused”. She asked, “Is Ashley filming with us?”

Larry then stumbled through his words as he told her, “One of them, or both of them are invited to take their chairs if they can. And that’s it.”

“Let’s fucking do it,” Amber, who appeared annoyed by the holdup, said. So after Ashley walked out on stage, Larry said, “Let’s do it”, and urged Dr. Drew to start before he lost any other cast members. Briana, however, never appeared on stage with the ladies during the group segment. She only came out to discuss her personal storyline in the final few minutes of Part 1.

This week’s episode featured solo interviews with Cheyenne, Jade, and Maci but nothing too groundbreaking was revealed during those segments. The only takeaway was that Maci still doesn’t have any sort of relationship with ex Ryan Edwards, and he barely sees son Bentley.

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