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Sam Asghari Reveals Why Britney Spears Doesn’t Join At Events & Insists She Runs Own Social Media

Sam Asghari set the record straight as to why Britney Spears has taken a social media hiatus and not stepped out with him for red carpet events.

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Sam Asghari Britney Spears
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Sam Asghari shared a heartfelt message for fans about why his wife Britney Spears has opted to skip the A-list events Sam has recently attended, and also explained her decision to take a break from social media. The 28-year-old fitness model took to his Instagram Stories on December 7 to shut down speculation by “protective” fans that his wife’s accounts were being controlled once again, and to provide explanation as to her recent whereabouts.

“Social media can be traumatizing. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. She has her voice and is a free woman. I have respect for her privacy and I protect it at all times. Thank you to all her protective fans,” he wrote in a series of captioned slides.

“Out of respect for her privacy I don’t post her 24/7. I ask for permission if I ever do,” the Black Monday actor continued. “For my job I have to attend many events. It would be my honor if she joins. For her, those things are not fun. They’re hictic [sic] and full of stress. Specially, since she’s been doing these things since 8-years-old. Plus, she already slayed every single one she has been to.”

Sam Asghari Britney Spears
Sam Asghari spoke out about wife Britney Spears (Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/MEGA)

“I’ve always respected and supported her privacy with everything I’ve had. I ask of you supportive and protective fans to do the same. Sometimes being over protective can cause more stress and damage,” he concluded.

Sam set the record straight after the Grammy Award-winner dismissed her husband after he blindsided her and went live on Instagram. The candid moment was caught on social media on November 16 as the couple was in bed at night.

Sam recorded himself in the dark next to Britney (who was off-camera) in bed and asked the “Criminal” singer why she never goes live on her own Instagram. “I’m always live,” Britney responded. When Sam asked his wife, “Can and I show you or no?”, things got tense between the couple.

Sam Asghari Britney Spears
The actor explained why his wife has decided to take a break from social media (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

“Huh? Show me what?” Britney asked. “On the live,” Sam explained, as he kept filming himself in bed. Britney again questioned her fitness trainer husband, who asked the pop star, “Can I turn the camera on you?” But Britney made it clear she didn’t want to be shown. “I don’t need to see anything. I know,” she told Sam.

Sam told the nearly 3,000 people tuned into the Instagram Live that he was ending the video. Before he did so, Britney reiterated that she wanted some privacy. “I don’t wanna jump in. I have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk to them right now,” she said. Britney seemed very upset with Sam by the time he ended the IG Live.