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Millie Bobby Brown Claims ‘Stranger Things’ Co-Star Finn Wolfhard Is A ‘Lousy Kisser’

The 'Enola Holmes' actress jokingly threw Finn under the table for his lip-locking skills during a lie detector test.

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Millie Bobby Brown
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Millie Bobby Brown teased her costar Finn Wolfhard with a lighthearted diss on his kissing abilities! The Stranger Things icon, 18, made the joke while undergoing one of Vanity Fair‘s lie detector tests. At one point, the interviewer asked Millie about a previous comment that “kissing sucks” after her first onscreen kiss with the actor who plays Mike Wheeler. “Is Finn is just a lousy kisser?” she then asked, as the legit lie detector machine ran in the background. Without missing a beat, and with a barely detectable smile, Millie responded, “he is.” The administrator of the test then said, “she’s telling the truth,” with a hilariously pointed look at the camera. “He’s a lousy kisser.”

Millie silently bowed her head and held back giggles as the interviewer launched into the next question. “So he hasn’t gotten better?” The actress then carefully plotted out her response as she thought for a moment. “Not with me, no,” she quipped. Still clearly holding back laughter, she took the next question, which was “have you told him this?” “No,” Millie responded. “He’s gonna find out,” the interviewer continued, after which Millie said, “that’s ok.”

The entire, hilarious exchange, wasn’t the only awkward question posed to the rising actress. Other uncomfortable questions included whether or not Maya Hawk‘s character Robin Buckley (or any other cast members) should have been killed off, whether BFF Noah Schnapps haircut looks good, who has the worst fake British accent, and who holds the title for best Sherlock Holmes performance. Millie Wisely chose her costar from Enola Holmes, Henry Cavill.

Millie Bobby Brown & Finn Wolfhard
Millie Bobby Brown & Finn Wolfhard at a 2020 SAG Awards afterparty in Los Angeles (Shuttersotck)

No word yet on how Finn feels about Millie’s kissing skills, but we’re betting her real-life boyfriend Jake Bongiovi, 20, approves. The duo have been seen getting cozy in various locales since they officially confirmed their relationship by holding hands in New York back in June of 2021. As for who Finn, 19, might be kissing, he’s rumored to be dating actress Elsie Richter, though the IT star has kept the relationship largely under wraps.