‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink Defends Finale Kiss After Fans Slam Creators For ‘Forcing’ It

Sadie Sink wants 'Stranger Things' fans to know that the Duffer Brothers didn't put her in an 'uncomfortable situation' when she had to kiss Caleb McLaughlin in the season 2 finale. In fact, it was quite the opposite!

It rubbed Stranger Things fans the wrong way when show creators Matt and Ross Duffer made what they felt were inappropriate comments about the show’s season 2 finale. If you haven’t finished watching the season, you should probably stop here! Anyway, Sadie Sink, 15, who played newcomer Max, said during after-show Beyond Stranger Things that she was “stressed out” about the pivotal scene in which Max and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin, 16) kissed at the Snow Ball.  The Duffer Brothers joked that they made her do it because she was “so freaked” by the kiss, which was not in the script.

“I mean, of course I was nervous because it’s a first kiss, right? But I never objected to [it] or felt pushed into anything,” Sadie told The Wrap. “I always felt comfortable and the Duffer Brothers, they do the best job. And always create a comfortable space. And if I felt uncomfortable with anything, I wouldn’t have done it.”

The fans became incredibly protective of Sadie after that joke, especially when Ross Duffer said that the kiss was Sadie’s “fault” because of her reaction to the kiss, which was not in the script. Sadie is reassuring angry fans that she was in control of the situation and not being mistreated by the Duffer Brothers. In fact, she and Caleb were actually friends before she joined the show! They knew each other from living in New York City. How cool is that? Even cooler? Sadie said this was both hers and Caleb’s first kiss, just like Finn Wolfhard (Mike) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). So cute.

HollywoodLifers, were you upset by the Duffer Brothers saying they forced Sadie to kiss Caleb? Let us know!

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