‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Salley Arrives To Join Her Suitcase & Leaves After Just 1 Hour

Salley Carson finally made her arrival on the Oct. 11 episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' but she was only on the beach for about an hour before she decided to depart once again.

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Days after Salley Carson’s suitcase arrived on Bachelor in Paradiseshe finally showed up on the beach during the show’s Oct. 11 episodeWells Adams previously shared that Salley had been back and forth about coming due to her ex-fiance. However, she insisted that it was something that came up at work which made her arrive late. In fact, she told Jesse Palmer that she actually skipped THREE flights before handling her work and finally making the decision to head to Mexico.

Many of the women were hesitant about Salley due to her previous actions on The Bachelor. Salley arrived as a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season (26), but left before night one even began. She had just recently broken off her engagement at the time, and realized she wasn’t quite ready to pursue something new yet. Coming onto Paradise, Salley insisted she was “ready” this time, and she knew exactly what she wanted.

“I’m at the point where I’m not going to date or want to pursue something with someone unless I see the end with them,” she explained. “At this point in my life, I’m like…I want kids. I want five kids. I need to get on it fast. I don’t want to, like, waste my time.”

Justin Glaze had previously met Salley at Stagecoach, where they shared a kiss. The two hadn’t seen each other since, but he was interested in pursuing something with her, so he pulled her aside after her arrival. They spent a few minutes talking, but it wasn’t long before Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney approached Salley to question what her intentions were with coming to the beach.

“Were you with your ex a few days before you came here?” Genevieve asked, referencing the story the group was told by Wells. “Did you see him?” Salley explained that she works with her ex and wanted to have a conversation with him “out of respect for him” before she went onto BIP. Shanae and Genevieve were convinced that Salley was not ready for a relationship and were concerned that she still had feelings for her ex.

salley carson
Salley Carson’s promo photo for ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

“I’m pissed off,” Salley told the girls. “It was work! Work was why I had to miss my first flight. And if anybody here can’t understand that I want to have respect for the guy that I was with before this…then I’m out. It is what it is. That’s exactly why you don’t trust anyone on this f***ing beach. My gut feeling was not to come. There’s a lot of people here that are also here for the wrong reasons, they just don’t say it. I’ve been told a lot of things about other people that I would not breathe a word on this beach about because I’m true to myself and I’m never going to throw someone else under the bus, even if they have dirt. I don’t care about your dirt. I’m here for me. I’m not here to throw anyone else under and talk about y’alls s***. Everyone has s*** they don’t want to talk about. This is exactly why I didn’t get on three flights.”

Salley was clearly feeling attacked, and she stormed away from the group. “I knew I shouldn’t have come,” she told Justin. “I cannot be here. I’m too real for this s***. They asked me if I had a conversation with my ex before I came here..I did. That shouldn’t matter. That pisses me off because they know how much I didn’t want my ex’s name or any of the situation brought into this. Out of respect for him. So out of respect for him, I want to leave. That’s f***ing rude. The one thing I wanted and they can’t do that.”

Salley then left the beach and Genevieve pointed out that her time in Paradise lasted only one hour. “She might have the shortest time ever on Bachelor in Paradise, James Bonsall also pointed out. Meanwhile, Justin was left without any prospects once again ahead of the upcoming rose ceremony.