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Hailey Bieber Dishes On Whether She & Justin Would Ever Have A Threesome

Hailey Bieber also revealed her favorite sex position. Read everything she said here!

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Hailey Bieber has never been shy about talking about her marriage to Justin Bieber and her appearance on the Sept. 28 episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast was no different. While chatting with host Alex Cooper, Hailey, 25, revealed that something she and her 28-year-old Grammy-winner husband don’t believe in is having a threesome. “I think the second you make the decision to do that there’s never going back from that, and I just don’t know that I would ever be willing,” she explained after admitting a threesome “sounds exciting.”

“It doesn’t work for the two of us,” she continued. “We’ve worked very hard to be in the space that we’re in now and trusting each other, and there’s such a beautiful trust and bond that I don’t think that’s something I would be comfortable with. Or him, for that matter.”

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Hailey Bieber said she and Justin Bieber have built up their trust throughout their marriage (Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Hailey also revealed that she prefers having sex at night and that her favorite position is doggy style, although she’s not opposed to a morning love session and other positions. Plus, Hailey noted she’s just as open with Justin about sex as she was on the podcast, which she said makes their bond strong. She admitted “there’s nothing” she does not know about Justin’s sex history, adding, “I can ask him about any person, any past girl anything.”

As fans know, she addressed one of Justin’s “past girl[s]” on the podcast for the first time ever. Justin was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Selena Gomez for about eight years and even just a few months before Justin popped the question to the model in 2018. This upset Selena’s fans, many of which compare Selena and Hailey to this day and accuse Hailey of taking Justin from Selena, 30. However, Hailey cleared the air and said there is no animosity between her and the “Rare” singer, and even admitted she and Selena talked after the wedding to sort things out.

Hailey Bieber Selena Gomez
Hailey Bieber said she and Selena Gomez have spoken since her wedding to Justin Bieber and that there is no bad blood between them (Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock / Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

“It’s all respect. It’s all love,” she confirmed. “That’s also why I feel like, well, if everybody on our side knows what happened and we’re good and we can walk away from it with clarity and respect, then that’s fine! That brought me a lot of peace. WE know what happened. It is what it is. You’re never going to be able to correct every narrative.”

And although Justin, Selena, and Hailey “know what happened”, Hailey made sure to reiterate her innocence in the love triangle. “When him and I ever started hooking up or anything of that sort, he was not ever in a relationship. Ever. At any point,” she stated. “I would never. It’s not my character to mess with someone’s relationship. I would just never do that. I was raised better than that. I’m not interested in doing that and I never was.” The pair got married in Sept. 2018 and just celebrated their fourth anniversary.