Britney Spears Dances To Justin Bieber In Crop Top After Sharing Emotional Message About Sons

The 'Toxic' singer showed off her dance moves with one of Justin Bieber's tunes in a new Instagram video with a huge smile on her face.

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Image Credit: Guibbaud Christophe/ABACA/Shutterstock

Britney Spears danced to “Honest” by Justin Bieber in a new Instagram video on Sunday, September 11. The singer stunned in a white crop top and black Nike shorts, as she busted moves in the brand new video. Britney, 40, swayed along with the mellow tune with a few different moves thrown in, as she stood barefoot in an empty room with hardwood floors.

In the caption, Britney shared that listening to Justin, 28, made her feel amazing while having some advice to her haters. “Feeling myself with Justin Bieber,” she wrote. “Offended? Don’t watch me!” Fans were clearly happy to see her having a great time.

The dancing video came just a day after the “Toxic” singer shared a series of audio messages on her Instagram, where she spoke about her strained relationship with her sons Jayden and Seanboth 16. Both kids and her ex-husband Kevin Federline have opened up about not speaking to Britney. The singer spoke about how heartbreaking not speaking to her boys has been. “Since they’ve gone, I feel like a huge part of me has died. They were my purpose, my joy, they were my everything,” she said in the video. “I looked forward to seeing them — that was what I lived for. Then all of a sudden they were gone…it was like my heart stopped beating. I don’t understand how easy it is for them to cut me off like that. I don’t understand it.”

Britney shared the new clip of her dancing to ‘Honest’ by Justin (Guibbaud Christophe/ABACA/Shutterstock)

Jayden opened up about his relationship with his mom in a tell-all interview on ITV. Specifically, he accused his mom of posting on Instagram “to get attention,” but he was hopeful that their relationship could change. “This has gone on for years and years and years, and there’s a high chance that this is never going to really stop, but I’m hoping for me, maybe she will,” he said.

In a clip released earlier, Kevin revealed that neither of the boys were speaking to Britney. The popstar has also since apologized for posting on social media, after learning how her son feels. Since the interview, Britney has posted a number of times on Instagram, responding to her son’s comments. “My love for my children has boundaries and it deeply saddens me to know his outcry of saying I wasn’t up his expectations of a mother … and maybe one day we can meet face to face and talk about this openly,” she said in a post, shortly after news broke.

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