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Armie Hammer’s Alleged Victim Reveals He Introduced Her To His Mom 3 Days After ‘Horrible’ Sexual Encounter

Armie Hammer's ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich, reveals terrifying details about her relationship with the disgraced actor in the new 'House of Hammer' documentary.

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Armie Hammer
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Armie Hammer, 36, is at the center of discovery+’s House of Hammer, a three-part documentary where alleged victims of the disgraced actor come forward to share their stories. Courtney Vucekovich, an app developer from Dallas, Texas, who dated Armie from June 2020 to October 2020, revealed that Armie used rope to tie her down before they had sex at a hotel in Sedona, Arizona. Three days after the sexual encounter that allegedly left Courtney with bruises, Armie introduced the 24-year-old to his mother, Dru Ann Mobley.

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer (Photo: Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

“That scenario in Sedona, I really started to kind of unravel, it didn’t sit well with me,” Courtney said in Part 1 of House of Hammer, streaming now on discovery+. “But then it’s followed up with him pulling me even closer, and being like, ‘I want you to meet my mom.’ Which is huge to me. I think that’s a really big deal. I’m just clinging to little things to make this okay.”

Courtney continued, “The situation with the ropes was three days before I met his mom. But at that point it was like a bandaid on a bullet wound. Too much had happened. We broke up two days after meeting his mom.” Courtney also said she wasn’t surprised the Call Me By Your Name star was eventually outed for his alleged sexual violent actions, since he “leaves trails of all his madness everywhere.”

Courtney Vucekovich
Courtney Vucekovich in ‘House of Hammer’ (Photo: Discovery+)

Courtney also claimed that she tried breaking up with Armie once before, after he went on a date with actress Rumer Willis in the summer of 2020. But Armie convinced Courtney otherwise and they took a road trip to Sedona which is where the alleged rope incident took place. Courtney explained that Armie got drunk and initiated sexual intercourse once he tied her up with rope. “I didn’t say no. I said I didn’t feel good. I said everything except no,” Courtney said in the doc, before describing the alleged incident in detail.

“He puts on this creepy playlist and the ropes were around your neck, your wrist, your ankles, behind your back,” she explained. “I had bruises. I hated it. I understand if this is your fantasy, more power to you. I didn’t like it. It didn’t feel safe. It was just horrible. You’re completely immobilized. There’s something about trauma while you’re immobilized, fight or flight you can’t do either. I’m closing my eyes until it ended. He went to sleep like it was nothing.” Courtney also read a message that she wrote down after the alleged incident took place. “Armie wanted totally control of me and absolute compliance. Destroying any sense of bodily autonomy. His ultimate fantasy,” it said.

House of Hammer
House of Hammer (Photo: Discovery+)

Courtney is not the only woman speaking out in House of Hammer. Armie’s ex Julia Morrison also accuses the actor of sexual abuse, while his aunt Casey Hammer sheds more light on the troubling history behind the Hammer family, which includes Armie’s grandfather Julian Hammer and his great-grandfather Armand Hammer. Armie has vehemently denied all the allegations against him. He does not share his side of the story in the documentary.