‘Moonhaven’s Ayelet Zurer Hints At The ‘Next Level Of Exploration’ In Season 2

'Moonhaven' star Ayelet Zurer spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about her hopes for season 2, being intrigued by Maite's 'language,' and more.

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Ayelet Zurer
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This is just the beginning for the AMC+ series Moonhaven. The show has been renewed for season 2, and star Ayelet Zurer revealed in our EXCLUSIVE interview that Moonhaven hasn’t even scratched the surface of what it has to offer.

Ayelet Zurer
Ayelet Zurer and Emma McDonald in ‘Moonhaven.’ (AMC+)

“There is much to tell and much to go for. There’s a whole other layer to the world that’s behind this world that we are going to discover. In some ways, I feel like this is… it wouldn’t be right to say exposition, but it is in some sense exposition to what is really moving the parts,” Ayelet told HollywoodLife.

Ayelet stars as Maite Voss, the political leader of Moonhaven. The actress admitted that season 2 will dive even deeper into the motivations of all the characters. “I think once the cat is out of the bag and we know exactly the agenda of each and every person on Moonhaven between Tomm and Indira and Maite and the people who want to protect Moonhaven… Once that’s out, then I would love to see her using her power and not being a soft leader.”

What first intrigued the Daredevil alum about the character of Maite was “her language.” She added, “She has some really interesting perspectives about the world and human nature of humankind. She was really interesting because I couldn’t quite tell what she meant. I’ll give you an example that was a line that was later on cut from the first episode. She says, ‘We are forever dissatisfied with what we want in human beings.’ The meaning could easily be we’re so dissatisfied that therefore we forever strive forward, we want to know more, understand more, and invent more, but at the same time, we are forever dissatisfied.”

Ayelet continued, “We also have a tendency to be greedy and just want more for ourselves, so that two-dimensional idea was always in her speech, and I was really intrigued by it. It was deep. Later on, I just fell in love with the story and I fell in love with the world and with the structure of the story, how slowly we moved into a genre that’s a little bit more skewed and unique.”

Ayelet Zurer
Ayelet Zurer as Maite Voss. (AMC+)

Ayelet also hinted at the existential questions to come in Moonhaven’s future. “I think there’s another layer that Peter [Ocko] was trying to also talk about a bit where human beings, whether they’re from Earth or Moonhaven, always give power to something outside of themselves,” Ayelet said. “We tend to lean towards hoping that something or someone will save us, so I think one of the investigation theories is: do we let something or someone save us, or do we save ourselves and we are becoming our own savior? I think that’s kind of the next level of exploration.”

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