Anarbor Teams With Sammy Adams To Address ‘Fear Culture’ On New Song ‘Emergency’

Ahead of their upcoming album, alternative-rockers Anarbor remind you not to get caught up in the ‘vicious cycle’ or panic and outrage with their new collab with rapper Sammy Adams.

Douglas Adams put it best: “Don’t Panic.” That message is loud and clear in “Emergency,” the new song from alt-rock stalwarts Anarbor. In the new song, premiering here on HollywoodLife, the band (Slade Echeverria, Danny Stravers) delivers a sun-kissed reminder to keep your cool, even when things are getting hot in the world. “There ain’t no need to panic,” sings Slade at the start of the bop. “We got these habits I don’t understand it /  We hit the cruise control, it’s automatic, it’s automatic / There ain’t no need to panic, need to panic.”

“Emergency” keeps the pace chill, matching the song’s message about not getting wound up. Even when rapper Sammy Adams comes in to deliver his verse, he matches the song’s vibe by keeping his flow sharp but laid back, as if he’s rapping from the backseat of a classic Cadillac convertible while cruising through the neighborhood.

(Courtesy of Anarbor)

With the energetic production of a vibrant neon light, “Emergency” captures the feeling of a carefree summer night – which is what the band was going for. “‘Emergency’ is the song where we address the fear culture that grew out of control over the course of the last couple of elections and the pandemic,” Danny Stravers of Anarbor tells HollywoodLife. “We’re by no means a political band, but regardless of your affiliation, I think we can all agree that the daily level of which mainstream and social media has propagated fear in our society is disgusting.”

“The more afraid we become, the more we watch, the more we post, the more we fight with our fellow people,” adds Stravers “It’s a vicious behavioral cycle that needs to change, and it’s up to all of us to remind those close to us that there’s no logical reason to get too worked up about something they have zero control over.”

Anarbor has been in control of its fates for almost twenty years. Since forming in 2003, the Phoenix, Arizona band has toured around the world and back, all while having their music appear on shows like SportsCenter, Scooby Do! The Mystery Begins, and Good Day L.A. They’ll take the next step in their careers with the release of Love & Drugs, their brand new album (distributed via ONErpm). Fans can pre-save the link here, and they can follow the band online for upcoming appearances and tour dates.

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