‘Tell Me Lies’ Trailer: A Steamy College Romance Takes A Dark Turn In Addictive New Series

You never forget your worst, right? The first trailer for Hulu's highly-anticipated adaptation of 'Tell Me Lies' is the twisted relationship drama that may give you a strong dose of deja vu.

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Lucy and Stephen, played by Grace Van Patten and Jackson White, meet in college and instantly fall into a steamy, addictive relationship. The “honeymoon period” ends fairly quickly and their roller-coaster romance begins to take a turn as secrets and lies begin to build up in the first trailer for Tell Me Lies, which was released on August 4.

Tell Me LIes
Grace Van Patten and Jackson White in ‘Tell Me Lies.’ (Hulu)

Initially, Lucy doesn’t know if Stephen is exactly her type. But it doesn’t take long for these two to fall into each other. The drama escalates very quickly between them. When Lucy’s roommate dies tragically, her world totally shifts. She feels guilty for what happened to her roommate, and her vulnerability draws her closer to Stephen.

However, Lucy soon discovers that Stephen still has a girlfriend. Pulling double duty? Instant red flag. “There’s a lot about him you don’t know,” Lucy is told. Stephen says things are “complicated,” echoing the words of many toxic boyfriends before him. If Stephen’s lying about his girlfriend, what else is he lying to Lucy about?

The official synopsis for the series reads: “Tell Me Lies follows a tumultuous but intoxicating relationship as it unfolds over the course of 8 years. When Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco meet at college, they are at that formative age when seemingly mundane choices lead the way to irrevocable consequences. Although their relationship begins like any typical campus romance, they quickly fall into an addictive entanglement that will permanently alter not only their lives, but the lives of everyone around them.”

Tell Me Lies
Grace Van Patten as Lucy. (Hulu)

Tell Me Lies is based on Carola Lovering’s bestselling novel of the same name. The show also stars Catherine Missal, Spencer House, Sonia Mena, Branden Cook, Benjamin Wadsworth, and Alicia Crowder. Emma Roberts serves as an executive producer.

The Hulu series will premiere on September 7 with three episodes. New episodes will stream weekly.