‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Luke Proposes To Kayla After She Considers Separating

Are those wedding bells we hear? Even though they're dealing with a lot of drama at the moment, Luke thought it'd be a good idea to propose to Kayla during the Aug. 2 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant'.

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Luke Davis was desperate to show Kayla Sessler that he’s serious about their future during the Aug. 2 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Kayla’s been worried about their relationship ever since they got into another big fight with his family over their messy past. His mom and sister don’t love the fact that Luke and Kayla cheated on each other, and they’ve gotten into many arguments over it. So much so, in fact, that during this week’s episode, Kayla told her mom that she and Luke should probably separate so she can focus on the emotional aftermath of her abortion, and he can fix things with his family. Then, if they choose to come back together, they’ll be better versions of themselves, so they’ll have a stronger relationship. But before Kayla could even suggest taking some time apart, Luke surprised Kayla with a proposal at her birthday dinner. “Will you marry me?” he asked her via some icing on a dessert plate. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, and before she knew it, he was down on one knee fully asking for her hand in marriage. We’ll just have to wait until next week for the answer.

Meanwhile, Rachel Beavers said she’s skeptical that Hazelee’s dad Drew will change now that he’s out of prison. She let them spend some time together at her mom’s house, but she told Hazelee that Drew was just a “friend”. She didn’t want Hazelee to get confused. Especially if Drew doesn’t stick around for very long.

Later, Madison Beith was left heartbroken after she suffered a miscarriage. But lack of support from her dad is what hurt her the most. He felt bad for her, but he felt she was “stupid” for even getting pregnant again in the first place. He and his wife actually confronted her over using birth control and she said the “pull-out method” is what she and boyfriend Christian use. She said it’s worked great for them since they only got pregnant twice in five years. Like us, Madison’s dad’s wife rolled her eyes and didn’t know what to say.

Finally, Kiaya Elliot set up a video call for Amour to see his dad in prison, but when it came time for the online meeting, Amour’s dad was nowhere to be found. She later discovered that Amour’s dad was “put in the hole” for bad behavior, so she worried about what he’ll be like when he does get out of prison. It also was enough to convince her that she needs to file for sole custody of their son. She doesn’t think that Amour’s dad is in the right state of mind to be raising a child.

Oh, and we can’t forget about Brianna Jaramillo. She and her on-again/off-again friend, Ashley, got into yet another fight this week. But this time, it seems like their friendship might be over for good. Ashley had backed out of babysitting Braeson, and Brianna got mad about it. Ashley then called her immature, and they got into a huge fight through text messages.

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