‘Forever Summer: Hamptons’ Stars Avery & Ilan Reveal If They’re Single & Give Season 2 Update

'Forever Summer: Hamptons' cast members Avery and Ilan spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife and give an update on their relationships, season 2, and more.

Forever Summer Hamptons
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Forever Summer: Hamptons has made quite a splash on Prime Video. The series follows a group of college kids spending their summer in The Hamptons. Avery Solomon and Ilan Luttway are two of Forever Summer: Hamptons cast members and they experienced several ups and downs over the course of a roller coaster summer.

Avery Solomon
Avery Solomon is one of the cast members of ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons.’ (Prime Video)

At the end of the season, which was filmed last year, everybody’s lives were in one place. Things have definitely shifted in a year. HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Avery and Ilan about where they stand with Frankie and Sophia. “Frankie and I communicate every so often. We talked more in the fall and into summer and stuff. We’re on friendly terms,” Avery told HollywoodLife. “Right now, I’m single. I’m open to a relationship, but I’m also not really pushing myself. I’ve been dating going out with people, meeting them, but no one’s really sparked my interest yet.”

Ilan and Sophia initially tried a long-distance relationship. As of now, Ilan is “technically” single. “We’ve maintained loose contact,” Ilan explained. “The way that we ended things was I’m going back to school, and you’re doing your musical thing. Since the show, we haven’t really gotten a chance to really get back together and get in contact. I follow her and she follows me and we make loose contact, but I haven’t really been able to get dinner with her or anything. So I look forward to potentially doing that in the future, but nothing right now.”

Both Avery and Ilan admitted that they would be down to film a second season and catch up with the cast. “Nothing’s been announced yet, obviously, but I would love to do that,” Ilan said. “I think it’d be fun. Getting back together would be super fun. Obviously, we’re only close with so many people because you see the problems that we had with those people, so I would just love to check in on what other people have been doing for the past year, and see where they are at and see if they’ve grown or they’ve matured or changed at all, which they probably haven’t.”

There were plenty of OMG moments over the course of the summer. Ilan started his summer off by initiating some drama with Emelye and Hunter. “I would say my one regret looking back probably would have been to the first week of the show maybe not approach the situation with Emelye and her boyfriend the way that I did,” Ilan admitted. “I was new and was just trying to figure out what was good. I saw something that I probably shouldn’t have seen, and I was out of context. Looking back, I probably would have just kept my mouth shut and just enjoyed the time.”

Ilan confessed that he had no idea that people were calling him a “citidiot” the entire summer. “I think the term doesn’t exactly apply to me. I hope not, especially after the summer that I spent with the Hamptons locals,” Ilan told HollywoodLife. “But I do think that the term definitely has some validity because there are people from the city that come to The Hamptons in the summer and basically claim it as theirs. They forget about the people that are there throughout the year. I wouldn’t call it necessarily a derogatory term, but I definitely don’t like it.”

Ilan Luttway
Ilan Luttway in a scene from ‘Forever Summer: Hamptons.’ (Prime Video)

Avery and Ilan also opened up about their hesitations about doing the show when it was in the works. However, the authenticity of the show is what eased any doubts they had. “The best thing about the show is that it’s so real and that you’re not being forced into anything. It’s you just being authentically you. As long as you’re proud of who you are, you’re not going to look bad,” Avery said.

Ilan brought up that he was worried about the “crazy cancel culture” when deciding whether or not he should do the show. “What if I say something wrong? What if I say something by accident, and then my entire life is ruined? That’s obviously something that you have to consider,” Ilan noted. “But as Avery said, I trust myself. I know who I am. I know the person that I am. You can’t really go anywhere in life if you don’t take risks. I’ve realized that throughout my life, and I think this is something where I was not getting paid, not really happy with the job that I had, and being offered this unique opportunity that I might not even get ever again. It’s something that I decided to do and just jump the gun and just go for it. I’m really happy that I did because I had the best summer of my life really.”

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