Ray J Eats Noodles During The BET Awards: ‘Where He Even Cook Them?’ – Hollywood Life

Ray J Eats Cup Of Noodles In BET Awards Audience & Viewers Crack Up

Apparently, the 2022 BET Awards weren't catered because Ray J was caught snacking on a Cup of Noodles during the awards show.

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Image Credit: John Salangsang/Shutterstock

“Naw. Yo, Ray, you ain’t eat at home?” That was the question for Ray J after he was seen dipping into what appeared to be a Nissin Food Cup of Noodles during the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday. Ray J, 41, was in attendance at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and seeing him pick up the cup and take a quick bite was a bit surreal for those watching. “Ray J’s life really be as chaotic as it seems bro,” tweeted one user, adding, “Where he even cook these noodles?”

Ray J’s on-again/off-again/currently on-again love, Princess Love, gave fans a closer look at Ray J’s snack. Yes, it was an official Cup of Noodles, and yes, Ray J kept it in one of the cupholders in his seat. “I’m not gonna front,” Princess Love, 37, captioned the video, “I wanted a bite.” The comments section was filled with laughing emojis. “Sissssssss what’s wrong with bro,” wrote Yandy Smith-Harris. “He never disappoints with the foolery.” “This is how you do these events!!!” added another. “Bring yo’ own snacks.”

It remains to be seen if Ray J turns this “foolery” into a Cup of Noodles sponsorship. After all, it was one of the highlights of the June 26 event. Lizzo started things off in an explosion of gold and glitter. Speaking of Glitter, Mariah Carey made a surprise appearance to perform “Big Energy” alongside Latto. Mariah’s wasn’t the only surprise appearance of the evening. Kanye “Ye” West walked out on the stage to deliver a speech honoring Sean “Puff Daddy”/” Diddy”/” Love” Combs, who was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. It might be hard to say Ye, 45, “appeared” on stage since he was covered from head to toe as if he flew in from his Wyoming ranch just minutes before.

Brandy also made an unexpected appearance during the 2022 BET Awards. Ray J’s sister came out during Jack Harlow’s set, seemingly putting together their awkward feud from May 2022. The two performed her remix of his chart-topping hit, “First Class,” and ended in a warm embrace.

First, he posed in front of the Nissan logo. Then, he ate Nissin noodles. (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

The beef between Brandy and Jack, 24, came in May during an interview with Hot 97 hosts Ebrow Darden, Lauren Stylez, and Peter Rosenberg. At one point, the hosts tested his musical knowledge by playing him a snippet of a song and asking him to name the title and artist. After playing “Angel In Disguise,” Jack drew a blank. Rosenberg said that her brother was why a lot of people were famous, referencing Ray J’s sex tape with Kim Kardashian. Ultimately, Jack admitted he didn’t know Brandy, 43, and Ray J were siblings, which shocked many.

After Jack’s confession, Brandy joked that she would “murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing his ass to sleep.” She did just that by remixing Jack’s song (which also reminded the world that Brandy was just as talented at rapping as she is at singing.)