Chris Evans Can’t ‘Chill’ As He Gets Swarmed By Puppies In Adorable Interview: Video

Chris tried his best to answer questions about his films, including 'Lightyear,' but the star was overcome with puppy love!

Chris Evans
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If you needed a ‘lil something to get you in the perfect mood for the weekend, why not try a video of Chris Evans being swarmed by an adorable pack of puppies?! During a Buzzfeed interview to promote his latest film Lightyear, the superstar gets sidetracked —  who wouldn’t — when the set is overrun with the cutest, four-legged party crashers. “I have to chill because I’m expecting a waterfall of puppies,” Chris said to open the clip. And boy was his expectation right on the mark!

While seated on the ground and under the sweetest attack from nearly a dozen pups, Chris tried to maintain his composure and answer questions related to his movie career. There’s no blaming the Captain America: Civil War star for being barely able to do either! Case in point: when asked which Marvel villain he would choose to be, Chris finally spit out “Loki” between all the puppy kisses and aw-inducing belly rubs. Warning: the video above will make smile.

After the puppy parade, a few older dogs, who were just as charming, made their way on set and Chris had a chance to regale his fans about how he came to adopt his own furry pal Dodger, who has become a bit of a Instagram star himself. The actor explained how he thought he would always adopt a puppy, but Dodger was two years old when Chris took him home. “It wasn’t the story I had in my mind, but it ended up being the best decision in my life,” Chris explained. No, you’re crying.

Meanwhile, Chris recently opened up about the importance of representation in Lightyear after Pixar and Disney decided to reinstate a same sex kiss scene after previously pulling it. The move has left the animated film banned in 14 countries across Asia and the Middle East. “The goal is that we can get to a point where it is the norm, and that this doesn’t have to be some uncharted waters, that eventually this is just the way it is,” Chris told Variety in a new interview. “That representation across the board is how we make films.

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