’90 Day Fiance’ Preview: Thais Tells Patrick She Can’t Be His Wife During Fight Over Money

Thais questions Patrick about his finances which leads to a heated argument between the soon-to-be husband and wife in this EXCLUSIVE clip from ''90 Day Fiance'

Thais and Patrick have a lot of things to work out before they get married. The couple, who met in Thais’ native Brazil, but are starting their new life together on Patrick’s home turf in Austin, Texas, get into an argument over money in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the June 19 episode of 90 Day Fiance.

“You’re not just gonna come here and spend all my money,” Patrick, 31, says to Thais, 25, in his home. “I don’t know how much money you make,” Thais responds. “You never show me nothing — never.

Thais in ’90 Day Fiance’ (Photo: TLC)

Patrick explains to his fiancee that he “makes enough” money, but when Thais asks for proof, he refuses and notes that his finances have “never been important” to her. Thais explains that she’s curious since she’s going to be his wife, but that’s still not enough for Patrick.

“All the bills are paid,” he tells Thais. “The lights are on. The refrigerator is full. You have all the clothes you want. Your nails are done. Your eyebrows are done. Your eyelashes are done. Everything you want you have, so why does it matter how it happens?”

In a confessional, Patrick explains that he struggles with trusting people when it comes to money. “My finances and how we get by is doing its job and doesn’t need to be checked on. Like, why does she need to know every detail?” he says.

Patrick in ’90 Day Fiance’ (Photo: TLC)

The bickering continues between Patrick and Thais, who says it’s “strange” that he won’t divulge any information about his finances. “Your not even my wife yet. It’s my money. You’ll know once you’re my wife,” Patrick says to Thais. She emotionally responds, “I can’t be your wife. You’re a very strange person.”

Eventually, a stubborn Patrick tells Thais to go out and buy a painting. He throws his credit card and cash towards her across the table, but she refuses to take his money. “It’s horrible,” Thais says about her soon-to-be husband’s actions.

“When Patrick threw the money at me, I got f*cking angry and really upset at him,” Thais says in a confessional. “It is really disrespectful for a man to do this to a woman, anywhere in the world. I think no woman deserves this. This is not the man I fell for in Brazil.” 90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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