‘Love, Victor’s Michael Cimino & George Sear Reveal They’re ‘Happy’ With The Show’s Ending

'Love, Victor' stars Michael Cimino and George Sear spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about Victor's choice and their feelings about how the show comes to an end.

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Love, Victor returns for its third and final season on June 15. Season 2 ended with the ultimate cliffhanger: who did Victor choose? Michael Cimino spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife and revealed that viewers will find out “right away” whether or not Victor showed up at Benji or Rahim’s door. “You will find out right away, so you won’t have to worry about freaking out for much longer,” he promised.

Michael Cimino
Michael Cimino as Victor. (Hulu)

While Victor’s decision has been a mystery for fans, Michael admitted that he “knew” who Victor would choose since season 2. No matter who Victor chooses, Michael admitted that “there’s definitely some bumps in the road, and there are some twists and turns that you might not expect.”

These “twists and turns” will build up to the series finale. Michael and George Sear revealed they’re both ultimately satisfied with the show’s ending. “I mean, I wish that we maybe had some more time with the characters and whatever else, but I am happy with how it ends,” Michael said. ” I think that I’d rather end on a note where we all know it’s ending versus it just being swept out from under our feet.” George added, “I think it comes full circle, and because we knew it was the end, we also got time to sort of grieve the whole thing.”

George also revealed that Benji and Rahim will actually “find a point to connect with each other and have some understanding and some common ground. I think that that’s an important thing because we should be able to get past our differences and be able to see eye to eye at least. Even if you don’t be the best of friends, it’s just nice to be amicable.”

The second season explored Benji’s struggle with alcoholism. George noted that Benji will be doing “a lot of reflecting” on his struggles. He admitted that “all the things that happen and come up in this season, whether they’re triggers for his past, I think in the end, it ends up being a good thing without giving too much away. It allows him to work through a lot of his struggles that led to his problems with alcohol and things like that.”

George Sear
George Sear as Benji. (Hulu)

Victor will be going through his own journey in these last episodes. “This season, Victor’s very much learning how to embrace who he is and applying the lessons that he’s learned over the past few seasons,” Michael told HollywoodLife. “It’s like, Victor’s learned how to accept who he is. He’s learned how to kind of stick up for himself, and now he’s applying those lessons to his life, not just like with his family or in these bubbles that were surrounding him before, but in different situations that he might not have known how to navigate prior.”