Kendall Jenner Admits She’s Still Not Ready For A Baby & Is Urged To Freeze Her Eggs

Kris Jenner wants another grandchild, and she's pushing Kendall Jenner to be the one to make it happen on the May 26 episode of 'The Kardashians.'

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The May 26 episode of The Kardashians featured Kendall Jenner paying her mom, Kris Jenner, a visit. After getting some business talk out of the way, Kris began questioning Kendall about when she would have a child. Kendall got immediately “uncomfortable” as the conversation was brought up on camera. “You keep telling me, ‘You’re not getting any younger’, but guess what, mom? It’s my life,” Kendall said. “I don’t know if I’m ready yet.

In a confessional, Kendall, who had just turned 26 years old when the episode was filmed, expanded on why she isn’t ready for kids just yet. “I still have a lot I have to figure out before I can welcome a child into my life,” she explained. “I’m still just, like, enjoying life on my own and I’m okay with that right now.”

kendall jenner devin booker
Kendall Jenner cozies up to Devin Booker. (Shutterstock)

The supermodel has been dating her boyfriend, Devin Booker, for two years, and Kris wasn’t ready to let go of the possibility of another KarJenner baby. She even called the family’s doctor to see what she had to say about it! “For Kendall, if she has a partner and they’re not married, I usually recommend at least a cycle of egg freezing,” Dr. A admitted. “It’d be a good time to freeze eggs. The younger you are, the better quality.”

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner on the red carpet. (Shutterstock)

Kendall was done with the conversation at that point, and walked out of the room as her mom exclaimed, “It’s unanimous! We’re having a baby!” This season of the show has also featured Kendall’s oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, going through the process of IVF and egg retrieval to try and make embryos with Travis Barker. Both Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have also previously frozen their eggs.

Kendall is the only one of her siblings who does not have a child. Kourtney has three kids with her ex, Scott Disick, while Kim has four with Kanye West. Khloe is a mom of one, sharing her daughter with ex, Tristan Thompson. Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian has one daughter with his ex, Blac Chyna, and Kylie Jenner has two children with her partner, Travis Scott.