MeMo’s ‘Untouchable’ Is All About Giving Your ‘Secret Love’ Space To ‘Come To Fruition’

Take a dash of doo-wop, throw in some 'magical forces' and a tune about dealing with all those hidden feelings, and you've got the newest bop from charming songstress MeMo.

If charisma could be distilled into a gin, it would be called MeMo, and it would make the martini that you’d drink while watching the newest music video from the New York-based artist. “Untouchable,” premiering here on HollywoodLife, is a perfect bit of magical realism to lift your spirits. Set in a dance studio, a pair of cabaret performers seem to scope out the space before a quartet of dancers makes their way in. One dancer gazes at his partner while the other two rehearse their steps. Cue MeMo – in periwinkle blue – and her flat-cap compatriot to turn this practice into something a little bit more.


“The seed that grew into the first MeMo music video, ‘Untouchable,’ was the simple desire to put my friend Billy Griffin, Jr. in a rehearsal space and let him dance,” MeMo tells HollywoodLife. “The narrative aspect of an unrequited or secret love coming to fruition when given permission by magical forces came secondarily — watch the music video, it’ll make sense [laughs]. A huge part of my creative process is being able to make art with my friends. MeMo is nothing without its Frands!”

(Mariel Emanuel)

The video captures the song’s spirit to the fullest. Taken from MeMo’s 2022 album, Business of Healing, “Untouchable” is an unforgiving and unflinching look at how we’re all a bit messy inside. “I’m a goddamn untouchable / I’m too f-ckin’ greedy / You give me what I need / But nothing can please me,” MeMo sings in the chorus, but there’s more here than meets the eye. Earlier in the song, she sings how “if you would have kissed me that night / I would have felt something / which is more than I can say most days,” revealing that the singer may doth protest too much about how “untouchable” they really are.

(Mariel Emanuel)

Also known as Morgan Lynch, MeMo has made waves and delivered one-two punches of audio excellence since she fronted the Brooklyn-based pop-punk dynamos Teen Girl Scientist Monthly. In 2013, she adopted the MeMo persona (based on a family nickname) and began performing with a circle of “frands.” They came along for the ride, and now, MeMo and Friends perform as a band of “feral misfits influenced by anything from Detroit’s Motown to the music inside an Irish pub.” Cheers to that.

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