Sorana Experiences A ‘Rollercoaster of Emotions’ In The Heartache-Fueled ‘Karaoke’

After experiencing a broken heart that left her wanting to ‘get drunk and scream sad songs,’ rising music superstar Sorana turns that pain into the next big breakup hit.

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At the start of “Karaoke,” Sorana sits alone with a mic in her hands, waiting for her song to come up. As the words come to her, the rising music star – who first turned heads with her collab with David Guetta – begins to croon a song of pain and healing. “I always go to Karaoke on a Friday night / thinking about what we could have been,” she sings, realizing how things “will never work” with this unnamed lover “because you’re not mine.” As the song continues, another Sorana walks in…and another….and another.

Each color-coded Sorana captures demonstrates a different emotion. The insecure one in pink seems too shy for this world. The one in light blue seems like she would drown the world with her tears. The Sorana in dark blue seems like she’d rather see the world burn, while the one wearing magenta is more concerned with stealing the spotlight from all the rest. As the song peaks, Sorana collects herself – or herselves – appearing like an electric angel who has made peace with all the different parts of her emotional spectrum.

“Have you ever been so heartbroken that all you want to do is get drunk and scream sad songs at the top of your lungs? Well, I wrote a song about that feeling, and it’s called ‘Karaoke,’” Sorana shares with HollywoodLife. “The characters in the video impersonate the rollercoaster of emotions that I feel when I’m on stage. I go from shy to sad to wild to confident in a split second.”

“Karaoke” makes an incredible first impression as Sorana’s debut solo single. With seductive vocals and deeply intimate lyrics, “Karaoke” leaves Sorana poised to be one of the next great pop stars who confidently strolls down the line between reality and fantasy.

Hailing from Romania, Sorana has found her way into your ears and into your heart. Having taken a risk on herself by relocating to Los Angeles, she first honed her undeniable talent at songcraft by writing hits for The Chainsmokers & Illenium (“Takeaway”) and Galantis, David Guetta & Little Mix (“Heartbreak Anthem”). Her destiny lay now behind the scenes, but behind a mic, and she lent her voice to Alan Walker’s “Lost Control. She then partnered with David Guetta on “redruM,” a collab that has nearly 13 million global streams. Now, she’s released her first solo song. With more music on the way, it won’t be long before people sing Sorana’s music at karaoke bars.