Alison Brie: It Was ‘Really Nice’ Reuniting With Chris Lowell In ‘Roar’ After ‘GLOW’s Cancellation

Alison Brie stars as a dead woman trying to solve her own murder in the new series 'Roar.' HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Alison about the show, her 'little GLOW reunion,' and more.

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Alison Brie is among the all-star cast of the new Apple TV+ series Roar, from GLOW creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. Alison’s episode, titled The Girl Who Solved Her Own Murder, reunites her with one of her GLOW co-stars, Chris Lowell. Alison spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the GLOW reunion after the beloved show’s cancellation.

“It was Liz and Carly’s idea,” Alison told HollywoodLife during the Roar press junket. “And once they told me about it, I was like, ‘It can’t be anybody else. It can’t be anybody else.’ It was so fun to get to work with Chris again, and it was really nice to have a little GLOW reunion after the show got canceled during COVID, during a time when none of us could be in person with each other. It was really fun to get back on set with these people that I love so much. Although it was funny to see Chris and for him to see me outside of ’80s clothes. We both were sort of like, what’s happening?”

Alison Brie, Chris Lowell, and Hugh Dancy in ‘Roar.’ (Apple TV+)

Alison also jumped at the chance to work with the GLOW creators. “I was mostly excited to work with Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, again, who created GLOW, and I really admire their ability to tell stories about the female experience, that are by women, starring women, but really, for everyone,” Alison said.

She continued: “That’s something about this show that I really loved. The episode that I’m in, The Woman Who Solved Her Own Murder, is a play on that classic detective show that I really love. It’s a genre I really love, but seen through the eyes of the woman who’s murdered, which felt very unique to me, I’ve never seen that done before. I just love the blending of genres that’s happening in all of these episodes. There’s some magical realism. There’s some horror and my episode really has a lot of comedy to it. And yet, it’s very much grounded in truth and in the realities of being a woman in modern society. I really liked being able to explore some darker themes but in a fun and entertaining way.”

The title pretty much gives away what Alison’s episode is about. Her character is the ghost of a murder victim who goes on a hell of a journey to solve the mystery of who killed her.

Alison Brie
Alison Brie in ‘The Girl Who Solved Her Own Murder.’ (Apple TV+)

“I think I could. Because you know why? I listen to every true-crime podcast, and I watch all these detective shows. And now that I’m saying it aloud, I’m not always great at guessing who the murderer is, but I think… you know what? I’ve got a drive. I’ve got a drive to me, like my character. I feel like I would see it through.” All 8 episodes of Roar are now available on Apple TV+.

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